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[DeleGate-En] Client ( HTTP || HTTPS ) <--> Delegate <--> Web ( HTTP || HTTPS ). How to?
29 Jan 2001 17:03:42 GMT "Luis 'Champs' de Carvalho" <>

	Hy, Mr. Yutaka Sato, hy list people.

	I'm wondering about how to build a configuration for this
(wonderfull) proxy to make a funny kind of magic... i have a private
network with no possibility (or interest) of direct access to the
internet. Want a controlled way of permit access to some sites on the
net, using alternatelly HTTP and HTTPS. Think your fantastic software is
the right thing to do this weird job. 

	I need a configuration to enable access by both HTTP and HTTPS in
both sides of the DeleGate Server. Already know how to make a setup to
enable HTTP <--> DeleGate <--> ( HTTP || HTTPS ). Need a way to instruct
DeleGate to use the protocol that client ask for in both sides of the
connection. Something like

	 ( HTTP || HTTPS ) <--> DeleGate <--> ( HTTP || HTTPS )
	Is this possible? If yes, how can i do that? I'm having some
trouble with DeleGate missunderstanding protocols and trying to stabilish
a connection with a HTTP server using HTTPS and vice-versa... 
	Anybody in this list can help me?
	Thank you all in advance for any help.

	Special thanks to Mr. Yutaka Sato for making this fantastic
software. :-) 

	Best regards to all.

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