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[DeleGate-En] Can memory usage be reduced?
26 Jan 2001 23:39:01 GMT Peter Steele <>

We're considering delegate as a way to provide SSL for our customized
HTTP/XML server. Our server runs on Windows NT so we're using the NT version
of delegate. The problem we've seen in initial tests is the amount of memory
delegate consumes. It starts out as a single process taking about a megabyte
of memory. When we connect to our server using our manangement client,
*nine* instances of the delegate process are spawned as well as three
instances of sslway. This consumes approx. 10 MB of memory. Additional
clients connecting to the server generate additional delegate and sslway
processes. Memory would very quickly become exhausted with the number of
potential client connections we anticipate.

For comparison we tried stunnel and it uses very little memory, using
multithreading and shared DDLs instead of forking. Unfortunately stunnel
lacks a lot of the functionality of delegate. We need the additional
features that delegate provides but its memory usage is a show stopper. We
considering looking into the code to see how easily we could convert it from
forking to multithreading. Any comments on how feasible this would be? Any
other advice on how to reduce delegates memory usage?

Peter Steele
ONI Systems

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