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[DeleGate-En] Can one instance of DeleGate filter mulitple ports?
20 Jan 2001 00:30:00 GMT Peter Steele <>

I want to use DeleGate to control all access to an NT system. Do I need to
launch separate instances of delegate to manage each of the services I want
to control or can I do it all in one command line? For example, I have two
separate telnet servers, one on 23 and one on 24. I can issue two commands
as follows:

dg -v -P992 FCL=sslway SERVER=telnet://<host-ip-address>:23 ADMIN=localhost
dg -v -P993 FCL=sslway SERVER=telnet://<host-ip-address>:24 ADMIN=localhost

and this will provide the appropriate SSL filtering for each of these telnet
servers. Is there a way to combine these two separate commands into one?
I've tried a couple of different variations but they don't seem to do what I
want. Is there a way to do this?

Peter Steele
ONI Systems

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