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Changing user instead of server, again
  01/19-19:25 . 0980  Christian Couder <> [84]
___ Hi again, I tested this (with delegate 6.1.22 and 7.0.0) and it doesn't work exacty as I want. The behavior I get is the following: 'USER toto' is rewritten as 'pop://localhost/' and th
DeleGate+SSLWay as a Win2000 service
  01/19-19:30 . 0981  "Dmitri A. Martynoff" <> [15]
___ Mr. Yutaka Sato, Thank you for quick answer. Hope this information will appear in too. With respect, Dmitri A. Martynoff. server-key.pem
Using DeleGate on NT for SSL telnet access
  01/20-03:04 . 0982  Peter Steele <> [215]
___ I want to use DeleGate 7.0.0 on an NT server to provide secure telnet access to the box. I am running delegate using dg -v -P992 -cert server-cert.pem FCL=sslway SERVER=telnet://<host-ip-address>:23
Can one instance of DeleGate filter mulitple ports?
  01/20-09:30 . 0983  Peter Steele <> [71]
___ I want to use DeleGate to control all access to an NT system. Do I need to launch separate instances of delegate to manage each of the services I want to control or can I do it all in one command li
Starting DeleGate as service doesn't work
  01/20-09:59 . 0984  Peter Steele <> [77]
___ If I start a delegate daemon using the command line dg -v -P992 FCL=sslway SERVER=telnet://<host-ip-address>:23 ADMIN=localhost DGROOT=c:\winnt subsequent SSL connections to 992 work as expected. Ho
Changing user instead of server, again
  01/22-14:57 . 0985 (Yutaka Sato) [69]
___ Then add one more MOUNT like this: MOUNT="//* pop://localhost/*[%1@%0]" The input from client like "USER foo@bar" will be rewritten into canonical form "//bar/foo" then MOUNTED to "pop://localhost/f
  01/22-18:12 . 0986  Christian Couder <> [60]
___ I see. I suppose this will work fine indeed. I understand. The problem here is that the 'toto' part can change too. In fact I would like the above rewrites to work for any 'toto' and any 'stuff'. Co
  01/23-00:55 . 0987 (Yutaka Sato) [38]
___ Hi, I think I've got a clearly specified requirement at last, but it might be extended yet :) Another mechanism for arbitrary rewriting in completely user defined way, external filter, may be desira
  01/23-02:04 . 0988  Christian Couder <> [50]
___ Hi, Sorry, but you know I still don't know exactly what my client want, and I think my client don't even know himself what he wants :) When I first looked at DeleGate, I tryed to use FTOSV and FFROM
Is there SSH version for Delegate
  01/23-07:31 . 0989  Rajiv Dulepet <> [45]
___ Hi Is there a SSH version of Delegate similar SSL version (SSLWAY) that I can incorporate for Telnet etc? Thanks, Rajiv
  01/23-11:59 . 0990  "Rikki Tamayo" <> [84]
___ Hello I have A problem with setting up delegate to do the following services 1. Caching Http Proxy server 2. FTP Proxy Server 3. POP Proxy 4. SMTP Proxy 5. Caching DNS Server 6. Socks Proxy We need
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