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[DeleGate-En] Re: Changin user in the POP and IMAP proxy
18 Jan 2001 10:57:19 GMT Christian Couder <>

On Thu, Jan 18, 2001 at 07:24:38PM +0900, Yutaka Sato wrote:
> Hi,
>  |>  SERVER=pop MOUNT="* pop://YourPopServer/*[%0@titi..]"
>  |>
>  |> will work too.
>  |
>  |Will something like 
>  |SERVER=imap MOUNT="* imap://MyImapServer/*[%0@titi..]"
>  |will work too ?
> Yes, it will because the code of MOUNT for IMAP is almost a copy of
> that of POP (and must be unified with that in future...)
> But unfortunately, it will not work when "user@host" is given by
> client-side.
>  |> The reason why a user name with "@host" is not rewriten by MOUNT="* ..."
>  |> is that such user name is rewriten to a canonical form like "//host/user"
>  |> before applied MOUNT, and MOUNT="//* = default" (which means don't rewrite
>  |> user if server host name is specified by a client) is defined by default
>  |> for a DeleGate with SERVER=pop.
> This default was not defined for IMAP. It should be fixed with
> the enclosed patch.

Thanks but it seems to be a patch against delegate7.0.0.
Will it work for delegate6.1.22 or should I switch to 7.0.0 ?

I would prefer not to switch because of the beta status of 7.0.0...

>  |(Domo aligato gosaimasu, anatano hataraku kotoga taihen ii desu. Sumimasen kanjiga wakarimasen.)
> Dou itashi mashite. (may be this phrase is thought as the most
> common and formal response for thanks, but most Japanese include
> me might not able to explain its syntax :)

No problem, I just wanted to know if my japanese could still be understood since I didn't practice for 5 years.


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