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enhanced time access control
  01/15-13:38 . 0960 (Yutaka Sato) [99]
___ The enclosed patch for DeleGate/7.0.0 will extend the format of "-T" like follows: -T.HH[MM][-HH[MM]] -T.wWHH[MM][-HH[MM]] ... W=[0-6] -T.uUHH[MM][-HH[MM]] ... U=[1-7] For example, -T.w6-0 or -T.u6-
Changin user in the POP and IMAP proxy
  01/17-19:39 . 0961  Christian Couder <> [11]
___ Hi, I saw in the example that it is possible to change the server in a POP proxy with something like : MOUNT="user1 pop://host1/*" but I would like to change the user instead of the server so that f
Delegate7 with FreeBSD4.2 (compiles wthout an error)
  01/17-21:23 . 0962 [14]
___ Today I tried the new Version of delegate7 on FreeBSD 4.2. It compiles without an error. Quite good. Thanks for the Product. !!! Does anybody have an answer for my question 949 in the posting. ??? T
Request (very simple)
  01/18-01:29 . 0963  Michele Vignali <> [15]
___ I don't know if this feature already exists, but... is it possible to redirect a communication using the source ip address ? That is I want to redirect different subnet on different server using the
Changin user in the POP and IMAP proxy
  01/18-02:43 . 0964  Christian Couder <> [134]
___ Hi, I made a patch to fill my needs and perhaps it can be usefull to others and/or integrated into DeleGate. My patch create a new -U config option and use it in the pop.c file to modify the user. F
Can delegate support FTP FXP Mode?
  01/18-13:05 . 0965  "qiucheng" <> [29]
___ Dear ysato, Can delegate support Site to Site(fxp) mode in FTP proxy? How to fullfill it? Thanks :) qiucheng
Changin user in the POP and IMAP proxy
  01/18-13:49 . 0966 (Yutaka Sato) [31]
___ This will be done in these versions with parameters like this: SERVER=pop MOUNT="[^@]* pop://YourPopServer/*[%0@titi..]" Yes, I must correct or write something about this in "Manual.htm"... The patt
  01/18-14:37 . 0967 (Yutaka Sato) [53]
___ I noticed that above "[^@]" is not necessary, that is just like SERVER=pop MOUNT="* pop://YourPopServer/*[%0@titi..]" will work too. The reason why a user name with "@host" is not rewriten by MOUNT=
Request (very simple)
  01/18-14:53 . 0968 (Yutaka Sato) [27]
___ Selecting target server for each source client can be done with SERVER or MOUNT parameter: [Manual.htm] See Manual.htm for a little more details. Cheers, Yutaka Yutaka Sato <> http
Delegate as an origin nntp-server
  01/18-16:37 . 0969 (Yutaka Sato) [67]
___ Since there seems be several authentication and authorization protocols under standardization, I will support the most appropriate one in future... Also, you might feel the "SSLway" of DeleGate is u
Can delegate support FTP FXP Mode?
  01/18-17:51 . 0970 (Yutaka Sato) [17]
___ As far as I know, FXP has nothing to do with proxy server. It is realized by a FTP client which connects to two FTP servers simultaneously, establish a data connection between them (using PASV for a
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