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[DeleGate-En] enhanced time access control
15 Jan 2001 02:33:53 GMT "qiucheng" <>

Hi, everybody and ysato,
I added more detailed time access control in the hostlist.c, the new format of time access control is -T.h1 m1-h1 m1-day1-day2, h1 and h2 is the beginning hour and the end hour, m1 and m2 is the begining minute and the end minute, day1 and day2 is the begining week day and the end week day. Day1 and day2 should be one of 0-6 refering to Sunday to Saturday respectively.
For example, "-T.8 00-17 00-1-5" means 8:00 to 17:00 everyday from Monday to Friday, -T.8 30-17 59-6-0 means 8:30 to 17:59 in weekend.

I need there function and I can't find it in delegate so I added it. I think there must be other people need it. So I post it in this mailing list. To use my patch, just copy the hostlist.c to the src directory and compile again.
The current time access control has a vital problem, that is only check access rights at the beginning of a session and once a session established, the server will never check the access right of the session again. It's really a vital problem for time access control. And until now, I have no idea about it. I hope ysato can solve this problem in the future.


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