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[DeleGate-En] Is DeleGate Secure enough for the Enterprise?
26 Dec 2000 11:53:37 GMT "David Crawshaw" <>

I have been researching a lot into firewalls for our online business, and
the main two that seem to be available are FWTK and DeleGate. Several
security HOWTOs (that seem a bit out of date) for Linux suggest that there
are too many security problems in DeleGate to use as a firewall, but it
seems to be a more complete package than FWTK.

Can anyone offer me an analytical viewpoint, on if DeleGate is fit for
business defence firewall? We are just starting as a small company, and
don't have the money to purchase a major commercial firewall, but the web is
our primary product. I am mainly Sys Admin for Windows NT/2000, and have
heard a lot of great things about linux, but once I dig deeper, I question
the security level.

For example, I've always been told that the only packet filter to have is a
stateful one, and that "not to worry, Linux has one built in", only to find
out after much digging around, that the Linux filter is a stateless,
something that a lot of Trojans seems to be able to easily find their way
around these days.

Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated, as I'm rather
new to all of this on Linux.


David Crawshaw

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