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[DeleGate-En] XDC MODE with Proxy
14 Sep 1998 16:06:51 GMT "Piero Berritta" <>

Hi Yutaka,
thanks for reply.
Actually the problem seems to be the XDC MODE. I cannot get the proxy in XDC
MODE, even if I applied the patch you sent me in a previous mail to force
delegate in XDC MODE. The last patch has changed a little the situation but
seems not to be enough, cause I get the following error:

09/14 17:02:51.57 [1562] 1+0: #### execFilter[FCL] sslway -ac -cert cert.pem
## SSLway[1562]( start
## SSLway[1562]( accepted
## SSLway[1562]( client's cert. = NONE
09/14 17:02:51.70 [1561] 1+0: Unknown request: MODE XDC^M
09/14 17:02:55.62 [1563] 2+0: -- Fork(OnetimeServer): 1560 -> 1563

I get this error as soon I issue a dir command (a data connection request)
from client.

The configuration is still the same:

Client side:
delegated -P21 FSV="sslway -co" SERVER=ftp://ftp_server_name:8022

delegated -P8021 FSV="sslway -co" FCL="sslway -ac -cert certficate.pem"

Server side:
delegated -P8022 FCL="sslway -ac -cert certificate.pem"

May you help me to find a fix ?
Thank you very much for any help.


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