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[DeleGate-En] nph (non-parsed headers)
08 Dec 2000 01:11:55 GMT "Tim Schlie" <>

    We are using Delegate for security reasons as an proxy to a large number
of virtual servers we serve.  We have a need to do some non-parsed headers
(nph) to give the users some feedback on a process that takes a long time,
but Delegate just waits for the whole page and sends it all at once.  It
works when I use a TCPRELAY to the server, but not if Mount them.  A
TCPRELAY defeats the security aspects we want.  Is there a way to get
Delegate to send back the nhp without waiting for the end of the HTML?

Thanks.  Great product!  I'm just beginning to scratch the surface on how to
use it though.  Someone at O'Reilly needs to write a book about it!  Any

-- Tim Schlie

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