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[DeleGate-En] problems with sslway using a proxy
14 Sep 1998 10:20:03 GMT "Piero Berritta" <>

Hi Yutaka,
Still trying the ftp ssl tunnel, I tried to use another delegate as a Proxy
ftp server, between two a delegate client and a delegate server.
The configuration (tried on three different machines) is:

Client side:
delegated -P21 FSV="sslway -co" SERVER=ftp://ftp_server_name:8022

delegated -P8021 FSV="sslway -co" FCL="sslway -ac -cert certficate.pem"

Server side:
delegated -P8022 FCL="sslway -ac -cert certificate.pem"

The very strange thing is that dumping both client and server channel, data
are not encrypted, even if the sslway initialize perfectly. Sslway starts
between client and Proxy and between Proxy and server, but I can see clear
text in my dumps. On the contrary, using the direct connection (without
Proxy) between Client and Server, data are perfectly encrypted. I made all
test using tcpdump on Linux, and Netmon on WindowsNT.
Is the delegate in the Proxy machine correctly configured or I have to use
different settings for sslway ?

Thank you for any help you'll give me


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