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[DeleGate-En] Transparent FTP caching proxy
12 Sep 1998 14:24:02 GMT Abid Atilay <>


I have FreeBSD-2.2.7 machine and want to setup a transparent ftp caching proxy
at home. I have installed delegated 5.5.7, ipfilter 3.2.9, natd, squid
1.2.beta24, tried all of them but couldn't success. Transparent HTTP is
working well and I have no problem about networking. Two machines can ping
each other. As far as I know Squid doesn't support transparent ftp. If I use
delegated and redirect port 21 requests to delegated with ipnat, it doesn't
work. Which natd, ipnat and/or delegated parameters I should use? Would you
please tell me what I can do.

Please help me, I am hopeless......

Note: Please cc your responses to my email address.


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