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[DeleGate-En] SOCKS how do I ? Cache how do I ?
30 Aug 2000 12:10:26 GMT "Vivian Robey" <>

Hi All,
The actual problem with socks (I debugged the output) was as follows:
I log into yahoo.
then into chat.
goto a chat room.
The chat applet initializes, starts then the page reverts to the previous.
The server disconnects me.
The error message attached in the URL is error connecting to chat server please try after some time.

In the socks debug the sockets connection to the server opens and in 
about 2-3 secs disconnects saying AcceptFailed.
Could anybody try this out and trace the problem.

Sometimes there is a problem with certain pages that it does not display them while it displays them on a direct connection.
The delegate generated htm page says delegate unable to get page.

How do I make the cache as smooth and fast as possible ?

Thankyou All


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