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[DeleGate-En] Delegate as SSL proxy with anonymisation
25 Aug 2000 17:55:39 GMT Jonathan Kay <>

  I am trying to set up delegate as an SSL enabled anonymising proxy
server.  I know that I need to use SSLway to have a FSV & a FCL
filter on both the Client Side (these clients are not necessarily
on th same localnet) as well as the Server Side...

  I want delegate to be able to have regular open html in between
the two stages of filtering though, I want to be able to take out
headers for anonymisation, such as User-Agent, etc. so that
1) the server *only* sees the delegate proxy server and information
about it (IP, etc.), never the end client
2) any headers that might be able to conceal information about the
client will not actually be sent to the client.

  It would be really nice for delegate to be able to accept cookies
and then transmit the data accordingly to the client, but never
actually give the client cookies; they would remain on the delegate
server and go away after the session ends...

however, I am having problems just getting the 2 filters for the 
client & server side to work, I have tried using 2 CMAP's

delegated -P4443 CMAP="sslway:FCL:https:*:*"\

but this seems doomed because there doesn't appear to be a good way
to get the straight html from it, and it doesn't really seem to work

and I have tried using a mount command with 2 separate delegate 

delegated -P4443 SERVER=https FCL=sslway MOUNT="*/
    http://delegate_server:4444 /*"

delegated -P4444 SERVER=http FSV sslway

I'm not sure quite what I need to be doing to make it work correctly

any and all input would be greatly appreciated!!


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