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Need help with filtering
  08/10-04:46 . 0868  Max Tran <> [86]
  Hi, I am working on a FFROMCL filter that block access to certain sites based upon information passed by the client. But I am having some problem getting it to work right and would greatly appreciat
Figured it out (was Need Help with Filtering)
  08/17-00:07 . 0869  Max Tran <> [10]
  I figured out a way to do it, but I am still interested in seeing some other solution. "Soon you will know a new spirit of hope is entering the Earth." Signs of his presenc
Need help with filtering
  08/21-15:19 . 0870 (Yutaka Sato) [35]
  Since you are rewriting a HTTP request message from a client to a server, adding "Location:" header to the request message will indicate nothing, since the header has meaning only when included in a
help needed in italy
  08/25-18:34 . 0871  "Leonardo Di Vito" <> [65]
  Hi, I'm trying to do the following: 2 ISDN leased lines connected to a 100 Mbit network through a router (Zyxel Prestige 480) which can handle the two lines; there are six computers on the lan, five
Delegate as SSL proxy with anonymisation
  08/26-02:55 . 0872  Jonathan Kay <> [43]
  Hello, I am trying to set up delegate as an SSL enabled anonymising proxy server. I know that I need to use SSLway to have a FSV & a FCL filter on both the Client Side (these clients are not necessa
Java Chat from yahoo etc wont work (URGENT)
  08/29-22:05 . 0873  "Vivian Robey" <> [16]
  Hi all, Though I am running the socks server through delegate delegated -P1080 SERVER=socks REMITTABLE="*" socket connections from clients like MIRC and ICQ works but not from Java based chat in Yah
Delegate running on win2000
  08/30-17:10 . 0874  =?big5?B?sWmlQKn6?= <> [49]
  I am running delegate on win2000 and using "dg6_1_17 -P8080 +=set.txt" command to start it as a service and it works. But when I using "dg6_1_17 -Fkill -hup -P8080 +=set.txt" command to restart the
  08/30-18:34 . 0875  "Adam Chang" <> [68]
  my delegate install path is "C:\Program Files\delegate" --- Original Message --- From: アi.@ゥ{BadJP8:FA,20} Newsgroups: mail-lists.delegate-en Cc: Sent: We
SOCKS how do I ? Cache how do I ?
  08/30-21:10 . 0876  "Vivian Robey" <> [28]
  Hi All, The actual problem with socks (I debugged the output) was as follows: I log into yahoo. then into chat. goto a chat room. The chat applet initializes, starts then the page reverts to the pre
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