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[DeleGate-En] Re: req: help for delegate on NT4
22 Jun 2000 04:27:45 GMT "don" <>

after thoroughly reading the manual several times, i have figured out how to
run DeleGate on NT4. i thought that all config commands had to be entered
sequentially, when in fact they all have to be entered simultaneously. this
sets all the options from one line entered at a command prompt and
installs/starts the service.

here is a very basic example of what to enter at the command prompt. (this
will allow http access on port 8080  for anyone via the non-cern method).
enter the following on ONE line then press enter:

delegate -P8080 SERVER=http AUTH="admin:*:myname@localhost"
PERMIT="*:*:*.*.*.*" REMITTABLE="http,https/{443,563},gopher,ftp,wais"
RELAY=proxy,delegate REACHABLE="*" RELIABLE="*"

<message continuation>

command broken down by part:

delegate - the name of the executable file

-P8080 - port to run on. this example is set for port 8080

SERVER=http - what type of proxy server to run

AUTH="admin:*:myname@localhost" - who is authorized web admin access. (the
host name MUST match your net name)

PERMIT="*:*:*.*.*.*"  - allows anyone from any domain to access any site.

REMITTABLE="http,https/{443,563},gopher,ftp,wais" - allowed return
protocol(s) after the url is submitted

RELAY=proxy,delegate - the specific relay protocol to use; cern or delegate
(non-cern). both can be specified

RELIABLE="*" - what domain(s) are authorized to use the proxy.

as always, the * is used to mean allow all.


proud member of the
Electronic Freedom Foundation's
free speech online blue ribbon campaign
and the NRA

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