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[DeleGate-En] I may be thick but I have NFI here...
17 Jun 2000 04:43:58 GMT Ted Russ <>
Faroc Enterprises


I have a home network with a linux machine running RH5.2 which I've
compiled Delegate on.  The machine gets a permanent IP from my ISP, and
I have a 192.168.. intranet for my office machines.  Now I may be thick,
but there is no way I can figure out how to set up a file full of rules
for Delegate and load them all at once, except for commandline input;
and secondly, there must be SOMEONE out there who's already put together
a set of rules for such a situation, but I can't find such a resource

I'm in the situation where just seeing ONE example of a firewall/proxy
ruleset would probably open my eyes and then I could design my own -
it's just getting over that initial hump which has me confused.  As I
currently don't have my permanent access until I get the Linux box
happening, could replies please also cc: to a (de-spammed) please?  I am pretty desperate to
get to grips with Delegate... 

ted russ

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