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[DeleGate-En] Re: authentication for ftp proxy?
01 Jun 2000 15:45:43 GMT Paul Reilly <>

Dear Yutaka,

> The difficult situation in FTP is non-anonymous access to target FTP
> server with proxy-authorization.  We must specify two set of user-name
> and pass-word for the target FTP server and the FTP-DeleGate.  Both
Thankyou for that explanation. I think I understand the problem now.
Changing this it would break the FTP protocol, and most clients would not
be able to connect. 

> be no natural way to do so based on FTP protocol, though I've thought
> several unnatural solutions...
How unnatural? Would it be possible to do it using another protocol/telnet
say between the client and the delegate server, and then ftp from the
delegate server outwards?

> By the way, I noticed that Telnet-DeleGate do echo the password for
> proxy-authentication since DeleGate/6.1.3.  I'll fix it as enclosed.
Yes. I noticed that. 
The patch fixes it beautifully :-)


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