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[DeleGate-En] SSLway on NT not working for me..
01 Jun 2000 15:04:06 GMT David Akdikmen <>


I am trying to access a http server as an SSL (https) server using DeleGate
on an NT box with SSL clients.
The http server is a Linux box.

I didn't find a binary of ssleay for NT so I created the server-cert.pem and
server-key.pem on a Linux box as follows:

ssleay req -new -newkey rsa:512 -nodes -days 365 -x509 -out server-cert.pem
-keyout server-key.pem

Then I placed sslway.exe and the two .pem files in f:\Program
Files\DeleGate\lib and ran delegate as follows:

dg6_1_11.exe -p443 SERVER=https  FCL=sslway MOUNT="/*

I get the following errors in log file:
05/31 17:32:16.01 [316] 3+0: (0) accepted [19] -@[]localhost:1573
05/31 17:32:16.07 [335] 3+0: ##DeleGate/6.X: MIMECONV=thru is set by
default. MIMECONV="" will make it compatible with former versions.
(WIN) 32:16 [316] spawn() = 336, children(alive=1,total=1)
05/31 17:32:16.07 [316] 3+0: PATH:
05/31 17:32:16.10 [335] 3+0: REMITTABLE =
05/31 17:32:16.21 [335] 3+0: LIBPATH: sslway -> /Program
05/31 17:32:16.22 [335] 3+0: MOUNT[0]=[0] /-* =
05/31 17:32:16.22 [335] 3+0: MOUNT[1]=[1] /=* =
05/31 17:32:16.22 [335] 3+0: MOUNT[2]=[2] /-* = default
05/31 17:32:16.22 [335] 3+0: MOUNT[3]=[3] /* https://-/* default
05/31 17:32:16.23 [335] 3+0: [FCL] callFilter2: 25=1 26=1 [/Program
05/31 17:32:16.23 [335] 3+0: #### execFilter[FCL] [/Program
## SSLway[340](localhost) start## SSLway[340](localhost) accept failed
324:error:1407609A:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_CLIENT_HELLO:https proxy
I get this error from IE5 and Netscape 4.7 clients when I try to connect to
https://a_local_http_server/ using the DeleGate proxy.

I tried setting DGROOT to "F:\Program Files\DeleGate", it didn't work. I get
this from log..

05/31 16:48:08.29 [291] 0+0: NOT-USED DGROOT=F:\Program Files\DeleGate
DGROOT=/Program Files/DeleGate^M

Tried setting SSL_CERT_FILE=filename and SSL_KEY_FILE=filename using dos and
unix style paths, still didn't work.
Tried using the -cert "filename" option, still didn't work.

I noticed the .pem files had unix "new line" character, switched them to
DOS/NT style, still doesn't work.
I tried starting up with FCL="sslway -ac" and still didn't work. (Not sure
what -ac stands for, but I noticed you used it In one of your responses to
another post.)

So, any ideas? How does one specify paths to DeleGate in an NT environment?
How do you specify the drive the files are on?
Is it like cygwin, //d/some_directory_on_drive_d/ ? Is this not even a path
problem, maybe I am running DeleGate wrong?


David Akdikmen

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