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Trying to fix timeout problems which break connection to end user.
  05/03-18:09 . 0781  Gert-Jan de Jonge <> [41]
  Hi, I am trying to fix the disconnect to a user when a user is reading news. (situation sketch below) The user is disconnected in 2 cases: 1- the user line is slow, so when the cache has already rec
Can not hide my command arugments and how to use DGOPTS
  05/04-14:26 . 0782  "=?big5?B?V2FuZyBzaGF1LXl1IFwoILLQpnQgXCk=?=" <> [17]
  Dear sir: I am a new in using delegate.. and i also try to read whole menual .. but i still can not do those two. 1. when i try to using the ./delegated -- -P8080 SERVER=ftp acrroding to menu, when
Delegate 6.1.9 and openssl -0.9.5a
  05/05-22:32 . 0783  "Thomas Heidkamp" <> [44]
  Linux-Compiler-Error : The way: Building delegate sslway. 1. in the delegate-directory, building the source with make. NO problem! 2. in the openssl-0.9.5a-directory, building the source with with .
Delegate 6.1.9 and openssl
  05/06-08:53 . 0784  test room <> [54]
  You may want to try adding also libmimekit.a to the Makefile. Regards, Horia Georgescu
Delegate 6.1.9 and openssl -0.9.5a
  05/08-11:57 . 0785 (Yutaka Sato) [89]
  Hi, SSLway has nothing to do with MIME (as long as I know). The problem was caused in a transient status in the way of source code restructuring and I have intended to move "str_stdio.*" from "libmi
ICP errors
  05/08-15:46 . 0786 (Yutaka Sato) [22]
  This log line shows that DeleGate tried to get the peer (client) address of a connected socket since the address might be used for access control. But any socket is not connected in the case of ICP/
DeleGate/6.1.10 -- bug fix (Ident, HTTP)
  05/08-18:29 . 0787 (Yutaka Sato) [29]
  Dear users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: SITE: FILE: delegate6.1.10.tar.gz DATE: May 8 16:57 JST 2000 SIZE: 910495 bytes MD5
delay in connection
  05/09-06:31 . 0788  truyen <> [13]
  HI I test delegate on win98 delegate -P23 SERVER=telnet and on solaris delegate -P2300 SERVER=telnet client telnet to the host running delegate fine But when entering an Ip for target host it take 2
DeleGate Performance
  05/10-21:53 . 0789  "Shien Juen Lam" <> [8]
  Hi all, I have just installed the DeleGate on my Linux server. It is up and running now and listening to port 8080 only for http service. The internet connection is through a 56k external modem. The
Delegate6.1.10 and openssl-0.9.5a
  05/11-16:45 . 0790  "Thomas Heidkamp" <> [49]
  Thanx for the Update to Delegate6.1.10. SSLWAY can now be compiled without errors.!!! But here are a few questions about sslway: 1. I build my CSR in openssl with this command : cd /usr/local/ssl/ce
delegate Copyright
  05/12-06:02 . 0791 (Ingo) [12]
  hi, why canエt i read (get) the Copyright ??? please correct your link in the mainpage: or the access-policies for your ftp-server ;-) Thanks Ingo Voss
Delegate & autodial system
  05/13-00:54 . 0792  Cavadini Fabrizio <> [43]
  I need to installa a proxy server system for sharing one single internet connection with a 56kb modem with my lan. It is possible with your product? How I need to make this? (I need to create a syst
Fire the Boss and Break the alarm clock!
  05/14-07:20 . 0793 [76]
  Your email was received as someone looking to make more income, if not remove info at end of letter Would You Take Out 15 Seconds To Read Something If U Knew You Would Improve your Income? It is hap
how to set up delegate as a load balancing web server
  05/16-10:43 . 0794  "CIOS/Comserve Support Staff" <> [21]
  Hi Folks, In our situation we have three physical machines running OS/2, each with its own IP address: (, (, ( O
Delegate as SSL tunnel (possibly via arbitrary HTTPS proxies!) for JDBC?
  05/16-19:27 . 0795  "Dr. Christian =?iso-8859-1?Q?B=F6ttger?=" <> [67]
  G'day! I am trying to solve a secure access problem using Delegate. Unfortunately, I do not really understand what options I would need to perform this task; somehow I can't extract all necessary in
proxy access control
  05/18-03:36 . 0796  Andrea <> [25]
  Dear Sir, I'm trying to set up the authorization for the users of the DeleGate proxy server, latest rel. .on linux Slackware 7. I want that only the authenticated users can access the proxy when bro
Problems reaching different servers with same IP
  05/19-00:48 . 0797  Heiner Lennackers <> [18]
  Hi, I have problems with delegated after upgrading from version 5.9.3 to 6.1.10. The 6.1.10 always resolves the hostname to an ip address, so i cannot reach "virtual servers", with different hostnam
  05/20-03:23 . 0798 [20]
  I am trying to obtain the software Delegate XX...Since I cannot download from the there any other way of getting a copy of the software??? Are there any costs involved??? I await your r
Delegate for NT
  05/21-00:56 . 0799  Greg Morgan <> [25]
  Hello, I am using Delegate 6.1.0 and I also have the same problem described by Andrew below. Apparently, Delegate waits for 10 seconds or so before send/recv the request and another few seconds is n
  05/21-01:19 . 0800  Greg Morgan <> [10]
  Hello, I am running Delegate 6.1.10 for Win32. Here is the problem: when I try to access a site, let's say, the response from DeleGate will *always* be slow compared to other p
DeleGate/6.1.11 -- urgent bug fix for 6.1.10
  05/22-14:40 . 0801 (Yutaka Sato) [30]
  Dear users, SITE: FILE: delegate6.1.11.tar.gz DATE: May 22 13:54 JST 2000 SIZE: 915892 bytes MD5: c9915030ac3cd2276c0aeda787f60c20 See the README file in the dis
how to set up delegate as a load balancing web server
  05/22-18:04 . 0802 (Yutaka Sato) [72]
  As long as I know, the simplest way to do it is setting your DNS server to return the multiple IP addresses of hosts of your alternative HTTP servers for the query on "". But I don't kno
gethostbyname unknown
  05/23-20:30 . 0803  "Ralf Marquis" <> [57]
  Me and a friend compiled the current delegated software and faced the same problem. We installed it on a SUSE 6.2 and started it with a parameter pointing to the name server on our local machines. A
socketpari(af_UNIX) failed (29) on OS/2 warp 4.0
  05/23-21:10 . 0804  "CIOS/Comserve Support Staff" <> [94]
  Thanks very much for this information. I have another problem. On all our warp 4 machines, when we start delegated with -vv we get the message: ### Socketpair(AF_UNIX) failed (29) The same software
proxy access control
  05/24-12:01 . 0805 (Yutaka Sato) [33]
  Maybe what you need is like this: PERMIT="*:*.it:*@Host" AUTH=proxy:pauth where "Host" is a (list of) host of a FTP server which acts like authentication server checking correct username and passwor
Problems reaching different servers with same IP
  05/24-12:22 . 0806 (Yutaka Sato) [18]
  Sorry but I'm not sure what is the problem. Could you show me the parameters you gave to your DeleGate ? Cheers, Yutaka Yutaka Sato <> @ @ Computer Scienc
why does this happen?
  05/25-20:06 . 0807  GREG <> [16]
  Hello once again, I found out that the delay of DeleGate sending data to the browser is because it is still downloading extra data from the site to add to cache... which finally returns the browser
  05/25-20:55 . 0808  Alex Bel <> [28]
  Hi, I need an idea... I've configuration: -P8080 SERVER=http +=/usr/local/etc/dg/common +=/usr/local/etc/dg/permit TIMEOUT=SHUTOUT:60s CRON="0 3 * * * -expire 7" -P8081 SERVER=http +=/usr/local/etc/
Problems reaching different servers with same IP
  05/26-14:58 . 0809 (Yutaka Sato) [147]
  How are you sure about it? You will see the request message which is sent out to the server with optiosn like: -f FTOSV=-tee-n Using your configuration with above options I saw following output show
nntp/radius feature
  05/27-13:36 . 0810  Mike Jackson <> [29]
  I'm running Delegate 6.1.11 and using it as a nntp proxy. I have a quite extensive access list to control access to my news resources, but I have users that are sometimes outside IP addresses that I
nntp Connection limit question
  05/27-13:38 . 0811  Mike Jackson <> [20]
  I'm running Delgate 6.1.11 as a non-caching nntp proxy and I have this setting enabled: MAXIMA=nntpcc:3 However, the proxy seems to still allow more then 3 connections from the same client. Doesn' t
nntp cacheing proxy
  05/29-13:59 . 0812 (Yutaka Sato 佐藤豊) [102]
  Hi, I dug a message from Gert-Jan out of my mail folder. He noticed on the error code (503) of timeout message from the server, which should be recognized by NNTP-DeleGate to make "NNTP connection c
Realplayer proxi
  05/29-20:35 . 0813  Miguel Altonaga <> [10]
  Can delegated acts as Realaudio/video proxi ? How? Miguel Altonaga
authentication for ftp proxy?
  05/30-04:33 . 0814  Paul Reilly <> [19]
  Dear yutaka, thanks for a great program! I'm using it to do telnet and ftp proxy serving. I have a question about authentication/access control. My telnet proxy works with the command ../delegated -
Hello developer
  05/30-17:50 . 0815  "HK Chang" <> [6]
  Hello, Would you please tell me how I can download your DeleGate? I want to share the internet connection with my brother. Your product seems very good for me. However, I have tried several times to
authentication for ftp proxy?
  05/31-15:00 . 0816 (Yutaka Sato) [65]
  The main cause of the difficulty to implement it in FTP is that the FTP protocol has no concern with "proxy server", thus there is no official way to make authentication/authorization about usage of
nntp/radius feature
  05/31-16:58 . 0817 (Yutaka Sato) [124]
  Hi, Sorry but you are not recommended to make modification to DeleGate. I agree with you that certain standard protocol for authentication/ authorization like RADIUS should be supported in DeleGate.
  05/31-21:38 . 0818  "Thomas Heidkamp" <> [12]
  I saw that delegate is able to handle pop protocols. I think in the future there are more and more IMAP4 servers. Will delegate be able to handle IMAP4 protocols ??? Ciao Thomas
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