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[DeleGate-En] Help-Win NT MultiHoming & DeleGate
10 Sep 1998 09:51:44 GMT "H. Tomaya" <>

I have installed the DeleGate Proxy on the departmental Win NT server
which is supposed to re-route its client HTTP requests to the company's
firewall/proxy server.

The complication is that the departmental NT server must have two IP
addresses, one for the existing use, and the secondary IP for DeleGate's
proxy service because the company firewall server only authorizes the
secondary IP of the departmental NT server to go out.

Let me show an example:
 1. On NT the primary   IP=126.xx.xx.1
          the secondary IP=126.xx.xx.2 (this IP is accepted by co.firewall)
 2. DeleGate settings:
      SERVER=tcprelay://company-firewall/proxy-server IP:8080/
 3.Cliants'HTTP browser's settings
      HTTP   126.xx.xx.2   Port 80
The departmental NT server accepts Ping on either of the IP addresses
>from the client. Therefore, it seems that the NT server does not send
out the secondary IP address to the company server.

Would somebody please help!

Hiromi Tomaya (Mr).
Osaka, Japan
Tel : 00-000-0002
Fax : 00-000-0002
E-mail :

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