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[DeleGate-En] Delegate Security - Buffer Overflows
18 Nov 1999 06:56:15 GMT "J. Francois" <>
MagusNet, Inc.

I am/was the admin of a DeleGate based Public Proxy at:

I have recently shut down my public proxy operations until the
buffer overflows in DeleGate that have been published on BugTraq
are fixed.

I ran Delegate as a Public Proxy for 4 years on LINUX and I 
love the software and all of its features, however, I can no 
longer use it now that it becomes the weak link in my security 

I will try to compile DeleGate on OpenBSD and if that works I will
resume operation as soon as possible on that platform.

Until then I will wait to hear that the buffer overflow exploits
available in such a fantastic piece of software have been corrected.
I have already started going over the source code so that I may
try to contribute some fixes of my own.

I want to make sure that Mr. Sato gets the recognition he deserves for
taking the time to create and maintain DeleGate by using and
encouraging the use of DeleGate.


Jean Francois
President & CEO
MagusNet, Inc.

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