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[DeleGate-En] Configure DeleGate for ICQ W98 Clients
18 Nov 1999 02:40:42 GMT Razalee Mohd <>

I am configuring my Linux server, so that my client Win98 m/c can use their
ICQ chat program thru DeleGate on the Linux server.

I've issued command: "delegated -P80 SERVER=http" (its working very well --
client can access the Internet from their w98 explorer), unfortunately when
I issued command: "delegated -P1080/udp" to open port 1080 as UDP port, the
w98 icq client cannot access their icq server!! Alternatively I've used
command: "delegated -P4000/udp" to open port 4000 as well, but unfortunately
also not working (according to ICQ documentation, its using port 4000).

My linux configuration: Caldera OpenLinux 2.3, PIII 450Mhz, 64MB RAM,
J720-BF Jetway M/board, connected to ISP via PPP and use external modem
(everything works fine) , use one ethernet card connected to LAN thru a hub,
operating on 100mbps (fastehernet) and clients m/c are win98.

Pls. help me, thank you.

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