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[DeleGate-En] bug in FTP proxy when USER requires no password
08 Oct 1999 08:58:36 GMT Christoph Schwarz <>


i found a bug in the FTP proxy (as of delegate 5.9.5):
When you connect to an account which requires no password, the FTP server sends
as reply to the USER command: 230 USER logged in. Delegate sends this 230
line back to the client, followed by 331 which means password required. But this
is incorrect, b/c login already succeeded. The client then sends PASS, but the
server returns an error message, so the client thinks login failed and because
this misunderstandig it is not possible to have an FTP session.
230 is a valid reply to a USER command, this means delegate does not implement
RFC correctly in this case.


Christoph Schwarz            E-Mail:
GMX GmbH                     Tel.:   (000) 00000-X
Hanauer Str. 58              Fax.:   (000) 00000-00X
80993 Mnchen

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