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[DeleGate-En] SSL Proxying
29 Sep 1999 17:01:43 GMT Matt Moore 0171-542-2714 <>

I'm interested in the SSL proxying features of DeleGate and was
wondering whether anyone on this list had any experience of using it.

The problem which i am trying to solve using DeleGate is this:

We don't permit SSL connections to the outside world through our
firewall as we would not be able to insepct the encrypted content
leaving / entering our network. 

What i would like to be able to do is to let internal clients connect
to our gateway and for the DeleGate to initiate an SSL connection to
the SSL enabled resource they want. This way, we get the benefits of
an SSL encrypted connection between our gateway and external
resources, but are still able to see, internally, exactly what is
coming into our network and filter out inappropriate content.

Is this possible and has anyone used DeleGate in this way?


Matt Moore

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