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[DeleGate-En] delegate in/out traffic - HOWTO?
14 Sep 1999 13:44:48 GMT System Administrator <>
A Line Clubs

First of all I'd like to thank to Yutaka Sato for this great piece of
art in the computer world.

I'm interested in some pure administration questions - the functionality
of the delegated proxy is more than stable (currently using 5.9.3 under
Linux 2.2.10) for more than 2 months with average trafic more than 100
MB at a day there was NO a single problem. Sometimes I forget where the
hell I have installed it! :) And I've forever forgoten the 2-months-ago
time with WinGate (perfect interface, must say) on NT (is the problem
only in the OS?). Don't mention about M$Proxy, with numerous of
Micro$oft-made artificial services runnuing on unkown ports for unknown
purposes, plss, I have weak heart.

Thank you.

The only thing thing that I dislike (please, do not take this neither
critical, neither as an advice -  I'm nobody, just a simlple end user)
is the pure documentation - I think that some two-or-three lines from
the manual.txt need pages for deep explanation and examples, the syntax
is strange, sometimes even weird but helly logical. Unfortunately I have
no time (I'd like to) to sit down for a great period of time, to look
throuhg the sources and found out the things I do not understand.

After all if the manual was much explainatory I wouldn't write this
letter :)

Ok, now my problems.
I'd like to know the amount of the incoming/outgoing traffic that is
generated from the different hosts using the Delegate proxy. In the http
log file I see the traffic only for the incoming traffic. Is there any
way to see the outgoing (the requests) traffic? In the ftp log files the
things are even worse - depending on "-v" - logged are only the XFERLOG
requests or (with "-v") - lots of -let's say- unuseful information which
filtering through any analyser is not very simple.
Is there ay way for me to get the needed information without writing any
complex analysers?

About the bandwidth of any connection to the proxy - is there a way to
limit it?

And finally, should I run different processes for the different proxy
services - http, ftp, pop, etc.?

Thank you  in advance.

Ivelin Simeonov, ALine Net,

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