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[DeleGate-En] DeleGate and HTTP POST
27 Aug 1999 17:04:18 GMT CJB <>

I have a fairly standard DeleGate setup (no special options, just a
standard HTTP proxy), and so far it seems to be working great except when
I try to submit a form that uses POST.  When I attempt to do so, DeleGate
seems to hang, and eventually my browser times out after "Waiting for
reply..." for several minutes.  Further testing to one form revealed that
it took around 7 minutes before the post request finally went through.  I
have tried it in Internet Explorer 5, Lynx 2.8.1pre9, and Netscape 4.07,
all with the same results.

Is there something obvious in the setup that I'm missing, or is anyone
aware of any bugs relating to this?  Any help anyone can offer would be
greatly appreciated.


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