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[DeleGate-En] Re: Strange NNTP Nameserver behavoir on NT
20 Aug 1999 09:42:26 GMT Holger Krull <>


> Sorry but I don't understand what "using the host system for dns
> resolution" means...

I'am refering to the RESOLV command
From the Manual.txt : サSpecify which name resolver should be used in 
what orderォ
If i ommit RES_NS, delegate has to use gethostbyname from the os it is 
running on. (If i understood things right).

>  |As i found a workaround this isn't a real problem, just strange.
> ..
>  |MOUNT="= nntp://"
> ...
>  |RESOLV=cache,dns,sys
>  |RES_NS=

> I did shutdown for about 20 minutes of maintenance
> around 16:00 (JST = +0900) on 18 August.  It might be relevant to
> what you saw...

No, the problem reproduced, if i take the line RES_NS= 
from the config file, delegate starts getting timeouts. At first i had 
no RESOLV or RES_NS line in my configuration.


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