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[DeleGate-En] OS\2 httpd configuration
14 Aug 1999 12:28:55 GMT Stefano Tagliaferri <>

Hy All

I'm an Italian new user of Delegate
i thing that Delegate is a big software
thanks for OS/2 support.
I use Delegate as a specialist for POP and SMTP, this configuration is 
for localhost and it's the best for my little Home-Lan (no access from 

I don't make a configuration for an http specialist session for a 
pubblic (internet) free access.
I run Delegate whit this parameters:

MOUNT="/* file:/delegate/documentation/*" 
MOUNT="/news/* nntp://*"

When i try to put, latest del SERVER tag,  PUBLIC="http://localhost", 
the server crash!

It's this a bad configuration?
Wath i can do for use a pubblic http server istance of Delegate?

Sorry for my poor English ;))

Thank you!

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