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[DeleGate-En] delegate 5.9.3 fails when running from inetd in FreeBSD 3.2
10 Aug 1999 14:56:51 GMT "Johan Lindh" <>


FreeBSD 3.2 on an Intel machine (plenty of everything).
Two interfaces, one towards a private network, one one a public network.
The machine is using ip filter and ipnat to proxy the private network.
Delegate 5.9.3 with FreeBSD patch applied (tried without too -- no difference).

I am trying to set up totally transparent proxying for FTP. To this end I got hold of the
iptproxy-0.3 program, and hacked it till it worked on FreeBSD 3.2.

But even after fixing the bugs in iptproxy, I still couldn't get the proxying to work. So I simplified
things a bit in inetd:

ftpproxy  stream  tcp  nowait  root  /sbin/delegated delegated SERVER= CONNECT=direct

Now, the way I understand the manual, delegate should transparently proxy all incoming tcp connections on port 'ftpproxy' to
It doesn't. I can see that it starts (by running top and bombarding the server with connection requests), but it immediately quits, with no messages.
If I run the same thing from the command line (but with the -P parameter to tell it to listen), it works just fine.

What's going on here?

Johan Lindh

"Johan Lindh, Link Data Stockholm" <>
PGP Public Key available on request. Send a message 
with the word "PGPKEY" in the subject line.

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