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[DeleGate-En] Delegate configuration issues
21 Jul 1999 21:13:26 GMT "Lee, James" <>

> Hello there,
> 	My name is James and I am currently running Red Hat 5.2 Linux on my
> machine at home along with delegated 5.9.2.  I have an ADSL Internet
> connection with that I have an external Internet ip address.  I also have
> a machine that has windows 98,  this machine is on my internal network
> with an ip address of  My Linux machine has two network
> cards one connects to the Internet and the other the internal network.  I
> was wondering how would I use delegate to allow my Windows 98 machine POP,
> NNMP, SNMP,HTTP,FTP,TELNET access (to the Internet)?  Can I use delegate
> as a proxy server?  Can you please help me with this I have been trying to
> figure it out for weeks.  Can you please tell me what the command line
> would be?
> TX 
> James

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