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[DeleGate-En] Problem with logging stop
08 Jul 1999 09:53:12 GMT


Our LAN use Linux (2.2.10) computer with DeleGate (5.9.2) as a proxi. I'm
not system administrator and not so familiar with DeleGate but really I'm
responsible for operation of our office LAN including operation of proxi.
Practically I don't know what is significant, so I will try explain my
problems in details. Sorry for long letter.

Current problem connected with huge log file. As indicated in manual
</var/spool/delegate/log  -- log files which will grow up> and <You can
stop logging by specifying null file name like LOGFILE="">
I made following actions:
1. added line <arg[8] LOGFILE=""> into /var/spool/delegate/etc/params/8080
2. manually removed /var/spool/delegate/log/8080 (and 8080.http)
3. restarted computer
But I found that log files 8080 and 8080.http exist and these files are big
and contain old information. Added line <arg[8] LOGFILE=""> in
/var/spool/delegate/etc/params/8080 disappeared. And following line are in
logfile (some lines deleted):
  -P8080 READY
  CACHE cannot create:
  Stay open PIDFILE for accept() lock[fd=12]
  arg[2] OWNER=delegate
  arg[3] CACHEDIR=/var2/delegate/cache
  arg[4] ACTDIR=/var2/delegate
  arg[5] RELIABLE=192.168.1.*
  arg[6] EXPIRE=1d
  arg[7] CRON=0 0 * * * -expire 3
  TMPFILE: cannot create (13) = /tmp/delegate/dg91.2.931413266
  DELEGATE_Modified[1]: 37843d12

If do not add <LOGFILE=""> into /params/8080, remove /log/8080 and
/log/8080.http, and restart computer then logfiles will be small, but file
8080 contains same lines with <CACHE cannot create> and <TMPFILE: cannot

So, configuration somewhere is incorrect. What I have to change and do not
create logfile?
What it means <cannot create cache and tmpfile>, because it seems that
cache exists and correctly managed by <EXPIRE=1d and CRON=0 0 * * * -expire
3> as expire.log shows?

Sorry again for such long letter

Thanks in advance

V.Dubinya /

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