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DeleGate: HTTP Keep Alive on Client Side
  12/10-21:31 . 5111  Emerson Gomes <> [45]
  Hello, I am not being able to make DeleGate use keep alive on client side on a HTTP proxy if HTTP Status from upstream server is "202.Accepted" (Connection: close header is received) This is logged
  12/10-21:39 . 5112 (Yutaka Sato) [45]
  Hi Emerson, I hope the patch enclosed makes you happy. Cheers from Japan, Yutaka 9 9 Yutaka Sato { Do the more with the less -- B. Fuller } ( ~ ) National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science an
  12/10-22:30 . 5113  Emerson Gomes <> [137]
  Thank you very much!!! It worked perfectly!! :) Warm regards, Emerson 2014-12-10 10:39 GMT-02:00 Yutaka Sato <>:
delegate feature
  12/25-22:04 . 5114  Sergey Cher <> [22]
  Hello Yutaka, can you please make per user speed limit in Delegate sofrware ? Thank you for you great soft. Serg, A Delegate fan.
  12/26-11:13 . 5115  佐藤豊 <> [49]
  Hi Serg, Tell me more about your case to make the requirement clear. - The application protocol you use - What does the "per user" means; Is "user" identified by authentication? - What does the "spe
  12/26-18:21 . 5116  Sergey Cher <> [83]
  Hello Yutaka, i would love too see SOCK and http/https proto with limits and etc per user - by authentication, you are right. speed limit, yes, bandwidth limit/bandwidth total or Mbits - all this is
  12/27-17:37 . 5117  佐藤豊 <> [115]
  Serg, Seeking the archive of ML and the reference manual, I found an option to choke data transmission with MAXIMA=bps:128k or so. It seems applicable only to HTTP and FTP. And since it can be used
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