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[DeleGate-En] HTTP Redirect Pass through
13 Nov 2011 03:50:03 GMT Ben Lake <>


I am wondering if it is possible to pass HTTP redirects, coming from a
proxied destination server, back to the client and not have DeleGate
respond to them?

The situation is as such:

Client -> http://optixa/ ( -> DeleGate -> http://optixa/
http://optixa/ ( tells DeleGate to redirect https://optixa/

I'm not quite sure what DeleGate does next, but it ends up looking like
a redirect loop to the client. If DeleGate would toss the redirect back
to the client, then the client would request SSL and all would work fine.

I have disabled the redirects and made sure SSL and non-SSL traffic
initiated by the client work fine. It is only when the destination host
forces SSL via a redirect, after the client has requested non-SSL, does
this situation arise.

Here is a link to a debug log in which I start DeleGate, perform the
request, then exit; in order to keep he output as brief as possible.

I realize that having DeleGate pass through redirects creates another
set of issues in which the destination host's redirect could cause the
client to bypass the proxy entirely (unknowing that the client is even
using a proxy). If there are any more full proof suggestions I'm open to
hearing them.

Also, thank you for the work on DeleGate, it is a very interesting tool.

Ben Lake

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