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A functionnality of delegate ?
  06/16-08:26 . 0500  Oliver Hertel <> [43]
___ Hi! Another question: how can i avoid the filtering of the header of a http packet? I only want to filter the html text, nothing more... Actually it looks like this: delegated.exe -v -P8181 CACHE=no
  06/16-09:21 . 0501 (Yutaka Sato) [21]
___ CFI script file must start with a magic string "#!cfi" to be recognized as a CFI script file by DeleGate. Cheers, Yutaka Yutaka Sato <> @ @ Computer Scien
Problem when compiling Delegate 5.9.2
  06/23-03:12 . 0502  Denis =?iso-8859-1?Q?B=E9langer?= <> [11]
___ Hi, I try to install sslway with Delegate on my AIX machine but I was unable to compile Delegate on it. Compilation fails in mksubst, saying cannot find a rule for target , etc ... error code from l
Running Delegate as a REAL WindowsNT-Service
  06/23-16:09 . 0503 [80]
___ Hi.. Ive searched the whole Mailinglist and didnt find anything about. (only in japanese Documents, but i am not able to read japanese..) I can: Running Delegate from Commandline or from a Batch (Sc
  06/24-14:21 . 0504 (Yutaka Sato) [85]
___ DeleGate automatically make itself a service when it feel that it is running on WinNT, like this: DeleGate/5.9.2 (June 2, 1999) AIST Research Product No. 1994-ETL-8715-1 Copyright (c) 1994-1999 Yuta
Problem when compiling Delegate 5.9.2
  06/24-21:00 . 0505 (Yutaka Sato) [26]
___ - which version of DeleGate are you trying? - what message is left exactly on the display by make at the error? I suppose your problem might be relevant to the existence of double-quotation in the l
Authentication with Cookies?
  06/25-03:45 . 0506  David Barber <> [14]
___ Can anyone please let me know how you would (or whether you can not) use cookies for authentication with Delegate? I have a preexisting authentication system that gives users a cookies valid for my
Compile problems
  07/03-06:50 . 0507  "Jon Gillies" <> [137]
___ I have the same problem. Any help here? Regards, Jon.
nntp/http password authorization?
  07/05-19:36 . 0508  "Soletormos Csaba" <> [26]
___ Hi All! I'd like to setup nntp/http gateway with delegate. It works fine, but I also want to use some authorization with it: when the user calls the url "" fir
  07/06-16:49 . 0509  "a" <> [27]
___ stupid
NNTPS -- help?
  07/07-02:07 . 0510  "Jonathan Scott" <> [27]
___ Hi folks, I was wondering if anyone has managed to get Secure News to work? I am running Delegate on a FreeBSD box, and I have no problem using it to create a very simple secure web server -- or to
  07/07-11:35 . 0511 (Yutaka Sato) [74]
___ Could you show me the exact error message you saw when the negotiation failed ? At least in my environment, NNTP/SSL-DeleGate seems to work without problems like follows. --environment-- Client: Net
  07/08-03:33 . 0512 (Yutaka Sato 佐藤豊) [51]
___ Jonathan, Sorry, by mistake, I sent this message to <> where English is not so popular ;-) Please reply to <> if you would. Cheers, Yutaka Yutaka Sato
Problem with logging stop
  07/08-18:53 . 0513 [57]
___ Hi! Our LAN use Linux (2.2.10) computer with DeleGate (5.9.2) as a proxi. I'm not system administrator and not so familiar with DeleGate but really I'm responsible for operation of our office LAN in
  07/08-19:57 . 0514 (Yutaka Sato) [37]
___ Modifying files at ETCDIR/params/* does not affect the behavior of DeleGate. DeleGate maintains those file just to detect the change of configuration parameters after the previous invocation. This p
srv manage: "Current mount list"
  07/08-21:15 . 0515  "Soletormos Csaba" <> [10]
___ Hi All, I've mounted a few nntp servers onto the port eg. 119. When I look at the "localhost:119/-/manage/mount" url, the "current mount list" is empty. Why? I thought that delegate should show here
Using perl scripts via Delegated
  07/08-21:18 . 0516  "Soletormos Csaba" <> [10]
___ Hi All, I've made some perl scripts which processes the delegated log files, and gives me useful summaries (traffic, users summary, site summary). I'd like to place them somewhere in Delegate's /bui
  07/09-10:43 . 0517 (Yutaka Sato) [29]
___ Built-in pages and icons can be replaced at run time by MOUNT option by whole or individually like: MOUNT="/-/builtin/* /your-customized/*" MOUNT="/-/builtin/path-of/xxxx.html /your-customized/path-
Are broken downloads stored in cache?
  07/13-04:19 . 0518  Soletormos Csaba <> [46]
___ hi! Some ftp servers give me the following message after login: "This site can resume broken downloads." I am not an ftp-rfc expert:), but this ftp feature is unusable for a ftp-proxy? bye Sli On 03
Compile time errors
  07/15-04:44 . 0519  "Oliver 'Macperson' Kennedy" <> [33]
___ I've downloaded a copy of your server, and I'm having some problems compiling it. When I try to compile, I get the following error icp.c: In function `icp_select': icp.c:842: Could not find a spill
Are broken downloads stored in cache?
  07/15-11:47 . 0520 (Yutaka Sato) [18]
___ Maybe it means that the server supports RESTert command which is proposed in the draft of "extensions to FTP" (draft-ietf-ftpext-mlst-07.txt). In short, it is the command which specifies the startin
Compile time errors
  07/15-11:53 . 0521 (Yutaka Sato) [26]
___ Your compiler seems to be a quite rare one (what is it by the way?) which cause the problem (I've never heard about it). And the cause of the problem seems to be some bug which is internal to your c
  07/15-23:41 . 0522  "Oliver 'Macperson' Kennedy" <> [47]
___ I am using the built in compiler in mkLinux. I know mk is ancient, but I need linux for an ancient PowerPC, so I have no choice. I can't remove line 842 because that is the close brace for the funct
Delegate configuration issues
  07/22-06:13 . 0523  "Lee, James" <> [16]
  07/22-09:34 . 0524 (Yutaka Sato) [18]
___ There is a short tutorial on DeleGate which is expected to be read first by beginners <URL:> And some concrete examples in its manual may be helpful. <URL:ftp
DeleGate 5.9.3 binary for OS/2
  07/23-04:11 . 0525 [10]
___ I see that there has been a bugfix released on 25 June 1999. Looking at the link for the OS/2 binary, I still see only 5.9.2 available. Is the corrected bug specific to Linux? Is an updated OS/2 bin
Sync error?
  07/23-17:19 . 0526 (Oliver Hertel) [13]
___ Hiho! May be that delegate has an sync error when starting more than one 'get'-processes? I use delegate as filter for incoming web pages. Sometimes I get the banner image of a page on more that one
  07/23-17:39 . 0527 (Yutaka Sato) [142]
___ Hi, The problem might be caused by a temporary file (for response message) which is accidentally shared among DeleGate processes. I've fixed the bug in DeleGate/6.0.0 which will be released by the e
Delegate and ICQ
  07/27-15:34 . 0528  "Allan Rafuse" <> [13]
___ Is it possible to have my Win98 machine use Delegate (Linux/gatway) machine to use ICQ as a proxy server?? Thanks for any help or ideas! -Allan Allan Rafuse
Delegate 5.9.3 for Solaris 2.6 and Linux 2.2.x
  07/28-22:04 . 0529  Oliver Hertel <> [12]
___ Hi! Is there a 5.9.3 (including the temp-file patch) binary for Solaris 2.6 around? I cannot compile it here ("Something wrong in Libraries" Kernel 2.2.10). Ciao, Oliver Hertel http://www.tu-darmsta
  07/29-00:14 . 0530 (Yutaka Sato) [53]
___ It seems that you are looking a message like follows, is this true? -- checking CC = cc -- checking CFLAGS = -O -- checking LDLIBS = ../lib/libresolvy.a ../lib/libteleport.a ../lib/libmd5.a ../lib/l
delegate compile problems
  07/29-21:08 . 0531  =?iso-8859-1?q?Peter=20Hoeg?= <> [16]
___ Hi, As from what I could read on I'm not the only one experiencing severe problems with Delegate when trying to compile it. Appearantly, the declarations of some macros make the com
Delegate 5.9.3 for Solaris 2.6 and Linux 2.2.x
  07/30-07:22 . 0532 (Oliver Hertel) [23]
___ Hiho! Ah, works now. I tried to compile it for Solaris 2.6, but there still were some Linux output files present, so these were not recognized as Solaris files. After removing them and trying again
  08/05-09:19 . 0533  "K Humbe" <> [21]
___ Hi Guys, I just started using delegate proxy service. My Set is like that LAN/PRIVATE NETWORK (Internal) = to (External) = ISP range of address Proxy service is running o
compiling DeleGate on RedHat Linux 6.0
  08/07-01:50 . 0534 (Yutaka Sato) [97]
___ Hi forks, Today I bought a CD-ROM contains RedHat Linux 6.0 and tried to compile DeleGate on it. Like someone wrote, the make stopped at the very begining because of mismatching of declaration. So I
  08/07-01:51 . 0535 (Yutaka Sato) [97]
___ Hi forks, Today I bought a CD-ROM contains RedHat Linux 6.0 and tried to compile DeleGate on it. Like someone wrote, the make stopped at the very begining because of mismatching of declaration. So I
  08/08-01:33 . 0536  "Paul R. Cole" <> [4]
___ Thanks for supporting OS/2. Just wanted to let you know i appreciate the support you are giving to OS/2.
unexpected flushing behaviour after first 64K
  08/08-06:31 . 0537 (Marko Hrcek) [18]
___ Hi When I am using delegate for some long-lasting http requests (ie. nph-* cgi scripts) delegate starts to flush output on every 10 seconds after first 64K of data transmitted. Then, I start getting
compiling DeleGate on RedHat Linux 6.0
  08/08-20:42 . 0538  "Martin Zimmerman" <> [20]
___ Hello Yutaka! Thank you so much for your reply! I think I have DeleGate installed now. Please pardon a very foolish question as I am VERY new to Linux. I wonder - how do I run DeleGate now? Every ti
How doe delegate handle large cache sizes.
  08/09-11:51 . 0539  "Ozdemir, Mehmet" <> [23]
___ Hi All, I was wondering how delegate performs on large proxy caches. My config is as follows, Dual PII 333's with 256 MB Adaptec UW Dual channel SCSI with 4 GB UW Boot Drive on Channel A 18 GB UW Ca
delegate 5.9.3 fails when running from inetd in FreeBSD 3.2
  08/10-23:56 . 0540  "Johan Lindh" <> [37]
___ Setup: FreeBSD 3.2 on an Intel machine (plenty of everything). Two interfaces, one towards a private network, one one a public network. The machine is using ip filter and ipnat to proxy the private
  08/12-18:48 . 0541 (Yutaka Sato) [18]
___ What if you specify the argument zero in absolute path like this ? ftpproxy stream tcp nowait root /sbin/delegated /sbin/delegated SERVER= CONNECT=direct Cheers, Yutaka Yutaka
  08/12-22:58 . 0542  "Johan Lindh" <> [14]
___ Sorry, I forgot to tell you that I tried that initially. There is no difference. /J ___ "Johan Lindh, Link Data Stockholm" <> PGP Public Key available on req
OS\2 httpd configuration
  08/14-21:28 . 0543  Stefano Tagliaferri <> [31]
___ Hy All I'm an Italian new user of Delegate i thing that Delegate is a big software thanks for OS/2 support. I use Delegate as a specialist for POP and SMTP, this configuration is for localhost and i
cannot get active list
  08/15-13:53 . 0544  Vadim Stanovov <> [10]
___ Hi, may be it's FAQ, but I don't know where it is. gateway, but I got message "cannot get active list". How can I fix it? Thanks, Vadim Stanovov
  08/16-17:21 . 0545 (Yutaka Sato) [57]
___ The message indicates that the LIST command to the NNTP server from the DeleGate failed by some reason. A simple NNTP/HTTP-DeleGate can be configured like this: delegate-host% delegated -v -P8888 MO
  08/16-18:43 . 0546 (Yutaka Sato) [54]
___ I made a trial patch to make this automatic judgement more generally, that is, when a NNTP server asked authentication, then notify it to the HTTP client asking WWW-Authentication. Cheers, Yutaka Yu
delegate 5.9.3 fails when running from inetd in FreeBSD 3.2
  08/16-23:36 . 0547 (Yutaka Sato) [25]
___ Then what is recorded in the "LOGFILE" which will be located under /var/spool/delegate/log by default ? By the way, I don't recommend writing configuration parameters of DeleGate directly in inetd.c
OS\2 httpd configuration
  08/16-23:56 . 0548 (Yutaka Sato) [36]
___ What is PUBLIC ? I totally forgot it ... Reading Manual.txt, I'm remainded that it was a very tentative feature in the eary time of DeleGate... What is public http server? If you intend to make your
  08/17-01:39 . 0549 (Stefano) [53]
___ In data Mon, 16 Aug 1999 14:56:01, (Yutaka Sato) scrisse: Hallo Yutaka! in From manual.txt --cut-- *PUBLIC proto://host:port (default: none) If specified, the delegated will be regis
cannot get active list
  08/17-13:16 . 0550  Vadim Stanovov <> [48]
___ Hi, Oh! When I entered string almost like this, it's work! No, in my configurtion I got string AUTH="manager:*:user@host", when I removed it DeleGate answer normally. Manual conversation works fine.
OS\2 httpd configuration
  08/18-21:25 . 0551 (Yutaka Sato) [31]
___ Adding a MOUNT parameter for the NNTP server as included in your first message like follows will do: MOUNT="/news/* nntp://newsserver/*" Note that DeleGate does not support posting to NNTP server fr
Strange NNTP Nameserver behavoir on NT
  08/19-00:44 . 0552  Holger Krull <> [30]
___ Hello, after working without problems for month, a delegate server used for mounting several newsserver together, stoped working. The delegate server had problems with dns resolutions. The problem c
permissions mode
  08/20-09:03 . 0553  Charles Arsenault <> [36]
___ I noticed that all the directories created by delegated are 777 and some files are 666: Some examples: drwxrwxrwx root wheel /tmp/delegate drwxrwxrwx nobody wheel /tmp/delegate/resolvy drwxrwxrwx no
Strange NNTP Nameserver behavoir on NT
  08/20-16:10 . 0554 (Yutaka Sato) [31]
___ Sorry but I don't understand what "using the host system for dns resolution" means... I did shutdown for about 20 minutes of maintenance around 16:00 (JST = +0900) on 18 August. It mi
  08/20-18:42 . 0555  Holger Krull <> [37]
___ Hello, I'am refering to the RESOLV command From the Manual.txt : サSpecify which name resolver should be used in what orderォ If i ommit RES_NS, delegate has to use gethostbyname from the os it is r
OS\2 httpd configuration
  08/20-21:53 . 0556 (Stefano) [13]
___ In data Wed, 18 Aug 1999 12:25:17, (Yutaka Sato) scrisse: Thank you Yutaka for this support On my language: grazie!!! Stefano
Startup problems on NT
  08/20-23:59 . 0557 [270]
___ I'm trying to use Delegate 5.9.3 on an NT4 (sp5) based system [an os that I loath anyway] and cannot seem to get delegate to run correctly in background mode. When I run it from a command prompt wit
  08/21-00:23 . 0558 (Yutaka Sato) [26]
___ You must specify the protocol name of the DeleGate in lower-case letters like: SERVER=http Cheers, Yutaka Yutaka Sato <> @ @ Computer Science Division, El
  08/21-00:53 . 0559 [117]
___ Thank you for the lightning fast response. I now have a processes that fires up and run upon startup (with a little help from some other entries in the newsgroup also). Mark W J Redding ---Original
Does DeleGate allow TCP splitting or Spoofing ?
  08/25-01:28 . 0560  "Julien Godard" <> [30]
___ By splitting I mean to cut one TCP connection into 2 TCP connections (on 2 different networks for example) TCP SRC <---TCP connection---> TCP host TCP SRC <---TCP 1--->TCP virtual host ヲ DeleGate
  08/25-03:52 . 0561 (Yutaka Sato) [34]
___ will relay TCP connection after accepting at vhost:xxxx then connecting to host:xxxx. But maybe this is not what you need... If I can understand why you need it and if I think it is not a rare case.
DeleGate and HTTP POST
  08/28-02:04 . 0562  CJB <> [15]
___ I have a fairly standard DeleGate setup (no special options, just a standard HTTP proxy), and so far it seems to be working great except when I try to submit a form that uses POST. When I attempt to
cfi doesn't compile?
  08/28-05:31 . 0563  David Barber <> [13]
___ I have apparently successfully compiled Delegate. I can start it up and use it to access remote sites. But the compilation did not produce a CFI program. The compilation only produced a cfi.o file.
Delegate and TCP/IP version on OS/2
  08/28-15:51 . 0564  Kris Kadela <> [8]
___ What is the minimum TCP/IP version required for DeleGate on OS/2? Here, it will not run unless I install MPTS fix 86xx. I do not wan't to run this fix since it is very unstable. Can DeleGate run wit
DeleGate and HTTP POST
  08/29-15:35 . 0565 (Yutaka Sato) [49]
___ I don't know a setup with which I can make DeleGate hang on POST method, and I've not heard a problem about POST with recent version of DeleGate. Thus I'd like to hear followings to figure out what
Delegate and TCP/IP version on OS/2
  08/29-23:27 . 0566 (Yutaka Sato) [55]
___ I have no experience on OS/2 but I thinke the enclosed message may be something helpful for you. Cheers, Yutaka Yutaka Sato <> @ @ Computer Science Divisi
DeleGate and HTTP POST
  08/30-03:26 . 0567  CJB <> [69]
___ Thanks for your reply. After tinkering with it a bit more, I was able to figure out what was causing it to hang on a POST command, although I'm still not sure exactly why. I had a FTOSV filter setup
  08/30-05:36 . 0568 (Yutaka Sato) [115]
___ If you are using FTOSV with CFI script, the reason of the problem is simple. POST request throught CFI is not supported yet. I enclosed a patch to support it. I could not reproduce what you say with
  08/30-06:35 . 0569  CJB <> [16]
___ Thanks, I probably should have mentioned that I was using FTOSV in my original message. [snip] Don't I feel stupid... I forgot to use sslway. It's working great now. Thanks for all your help!
cfi doesn't compile?
  08/30-08:06 . 0570 (Yutaka Sato) [19]
___ There is no "CFI executable" which is separated from DeleGate executable. Cheers, Yutaka Yutaka Sato <> @ @ Computer Science Division, Electrotechnical La
Delegate and TCP/IP version on OS/2
  08/31-04:25 . 0571  Kris Kadela <> [68]
___ The problem is that it does not run on Warp 4, TCP/IP 4.0, emx9d, HPFS. So apparently my setup does meet the requirement but still no go. *** DigiGraph Technical ***
  09/01-18:56 . 0572  ALONSO Marc <> [22]
___ I use DELEGATE on WIN nT , and it's work fine ...(hard to configure !!) So it possible to make URL FILTERING for ban XXX site for example ?? thanks for your help... ...oppss... how to purge the FTP
cfi doesn't compile?
  09/02-00:47 . 0573  "David Barber" <> [33]
___ Sorry, based on the example and the use of #!cfi, like #!/usr/bin/sh, at the beginning of the file, I had the impression this was a standalong program. David Barber
Buffer overflow in pop.c
  09/02-21:19 . 0574  Fritz Thomas <> [102]
___ Hi there! We did a security-scan on a box running delegated as an pop-proxy, and we detected a buffer overflow, when the input-string exceeded 256 Bytes. The attached "quick'n'dirty" patch is our wo
  09/04-05:36 . 0575 (Yutaka Sato) [57]
___ In complete revision for DeleGate/6.X which will be (maybe) released in this month, "pop.c" also has been modified at several point, including replacement of wordscan(str,buf) by wordscan(str,buf,si
username and password in url
  09/07-21:58 . 0576  "David Barber" <> [23]
___ I wonder if anyone can help me figure out how to mount and/or filter a site that I am having problems with. When first contacted, the site returns a Location redirect. The url given is in a form lik
  09/08-06:53 . 0577 (Yutaka Sato) [47]
___ I'm curious where and who does this translation, from "username:password" in request URL to the one in Authorization header of request message to server. I suppose that the problem is caused because
CFI document in English ?
  09/09-11:21 . 0578  Tim Liddelow <> [14]
___ Can someone please direct me to where I can obtain a CFI document in English ? Thanks in advance Tim. Tim Liddelow * Internet Consulting OneGuard Technical Lead * * ABA Pty Ltd * Internet Firewalls/
Syntax question
  09/10-21:38 . 0579  =?iso-8859-1?Q?Lo=EFc_de_Vaulx?= <> [61]
___ Hi everybody! Well, I'm looking for the delegate syntax to say that all TCP ports from 30000 to 40000 on the proxy server should go to an IP to range 30000 to 40000. Ex : One server with 2 network c
NNTP header retreival problem
  09/10-23:32 . 0580  Dennis Cartier <> [16]
___ Hello, I have a situation where I am trying to get Delegate to proxy for a remote news server on the other side of a ISDN 128K link. The problem is when any local client tries to retreive the header
Merging Newsserver Problem
  09/12-08:19 . 0581  Holger Krull <> [82]
___ Hello, when several newsservers are merged together, delegate stops answering if one of the newsservers isn't working. The client gets: connection reset by peer. Can this be overcome by configuratio
NNTP header retreival problem
  09/14-03:08 . 0582 (Yutaka Sato) [23]
___ Use 5.9.2 or later with "cache=no-overview" like follows: SERVER=nntp MOUNT="* nntp://newsserver/* cache=no-overview" Cheers, Yutaka Yutaka Sato <> @ @ Co
Simple questions...
  09/14-03:16 . 0583  Tomislav Randjic <> [100]
___ Hi, I have couple of questions regarding running Delegate under Windows NT 4. First, the things I think are "bugs": if I explicitly say to Delegate to use specific interface like delegate.exe -P192.
SMTP RSET (Simple questions...)
  09/14-20:08 . 0584 (Yutaka Sato) [52]
___ DeleGate as an origin SMTP server is in a very experimental stage and supports only small subset of RFC821. Since RSET seems indispensable even for experiment, I will support it in the next release.
delegate in/out traffic - HOWTO?
  09/14-22:44 . 0585  System Administrator <> [49]
___ Hi First of all I'd like to thank to Yutaka Sato for this great piece of art in the computer world. I'm interested in some pure administration questions - the functionality of the delegated proxy is
CFI document in English ?
  09/14-23:47 . 0586 (Yutaka Sato) [21]
___ Unfortunately there is no complete document on CFI in any language because both design and implementation of CFI are incomplete. I hope I will be able to make the specification clearer and stable in
username and password in url
  09/20-22:03 . 0587  "David Barber" <> [109]
___ Apparently although the use of a username:password combination is only permitted in the RFC for FTP urls, browsers will automatically use the username and password in a basic authentication header t
FTP and SMTP proxy
  09/23-08:22 . 0588  "G. Kelana Sudibyo" <> [64]
___ I want to ask about 2 service (FTP and SMTP) proxies. 1. When I set the FTP proxy like this; delegated -P821 SERVER=ftp and the connection was establish
SMTP Proxy
  09/24-22:49 . 0589 [22]
nntp server rejecting clients
  09/27-11:32 . 0590 [3]
___ I am reletivly new to delegate I have a porblem with client hosts not being able to connect to tha news server however news groups can be downloaded from peer hosts.
are there security/buffer-overflow issues???
  09/27-17:52 . 0591  "Jaap Groot" <> [17]
___ Hello, I looked through the code of Delegate and I became a bit concerned about buffer-overflow issues. Is Delegate screened against buffer overflow attempts and is Delegate meant to be used as a (v
SMTP Proxy
  09/28-00:43 . 0592 (Yutaka Sato) [22]
___ Maybe the following parameter will suppress such undesirable conversion or buffering of MIME messages relayed on SMTP,NNTP and POP: MIMECONV=thru Possibly this might be the default in DeleGate/6.0..
FTP and SMTP proxy
  09/28-01:21 . 0593 (Yutaka Sato) [39]
___ Could you tell me how the buffering make transfer speed slower ? Is it common situation regardless of to which FTP server you access ? On what kind of platform do your DeleGate run ? Is the host mac
nntp server rejecting clients
  09/28-01:27 . 0594 (Yutaka Sato) [15]
___ Are you sure that you specified appropriate PERMIT or RELIABLE parameter or your clients are on the same network with DeleGate ? Cheers, Yutaka Yutaka Sato <>
SSL Proxying
  09/30-02:01 . 0595  Matt Moore 0171-542-2714 <> [28]
___ I'm interested in the SSL proxying features of DeleGate and was wondering whether anyone on this list had any experience of using it. The problem which i am trying to solve using DeleGate is this: W
DeleGate fails to stay loaded
  10/02-14:58 . 0596  Gregory Carvalho <> [112]
___ is appearing when /etc/rc.local is called during the boot process, after your copyright info appears. DeleGate is not remaining loaded after system boot. It is displaying the above message at system
tcprelay and udprelay [Directx Proxying]
  10/02-19:03 . 0597  =?iso-8859-1?Q?Lo=EFc_de_Vaulx?= <> [67]
___ hello! Actually, I need to open a lot of tcprelay and udprelay ports on my server to test and develop some directx software and I can't find the best way to do what I need. I would like to use a com
FTP and SMTP proxy
  10/05-21:32 . 0598  "G. Kelana Sudibyo" <> [29]
___ Hi Yutaka-san, I use CuteFTP and I see the transfer speed from log window... is same with the other ftp servers... The ftp server is only for web administrators to put their web files and so
y2k compliance
  10/08-03:55 . 0599  Lisa Rakubowski <> [6]
___ Dear Delegate Representative: Are you y2k compliant? Lisa M. Jakubowski
bug in FTP proxy when USER requires no password
  10/08-17:58 . 0600  Christoph Schwarz <> [21]
___ Hi, i found a bug in the FTP proxy (as of delegate 5.9.5): When you connect to an account which requires no password, the FTP server sends as reply to the USER command: 230 USER logged in. Delegate
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