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[DeleGate-En] Reverse Proxy for Webmail
17 Jul 2011 00:10:34 GMT <>

My setup is in question consists of three servers. The internet facing firewall, a reverse proxy server in the DMZ, and a web server in the LAN.
The information of my setup is like this:
URL of my website:
Firewall Public IP:
Web Server IP:
Delegate is installed on the DMZ server listening on port 6050.
The desired behavior is like this: when I put in the address in my browser, which is, the firewall would NAT port 80 to port 6050 of the DMZ Delegate server. Delegate would then reverse proxy to the web server and get the correct page.
However the complication is that when access the webpage internally, you have to put as the URL, which means that Delegate has to rewrite and reverse proxy to this website.
The configuration file is like this:
The problem is:
When I put in the address bar, the page loads but the URL becomes (notice the double slashes at the end).
When I log in to the webmail, the URL rewrites to and the page says object not found, the log shows that is trying to get the page, which is why it's broken. I believe this has something to do with the webmail program, it just automatically append the /gw/webacc at the end. But is there a way stop rewriting the URL once it sees the /gw/webacc at the end?
So what should be the correct conf file? Sorry for the long email, I appreciate it if you could help.

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