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[DeleGate-En] Re: POP3 SSL DeleGate Proxy Setup
11 Jul 2011 03:07:50 GMT 佐藤 豊 <>


> `dg9_9_7.exe P110 SERVER=POP FSV=sslway'

At least the character before the "P110" must be "-" (not "" ).


On 2011/07/09, at 2:13, Alex Fort wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm attempting to set up a POP3 proxy to work with gmail's POP3
> server, to enable applications without SSL support to utilize gmail's
> POP3 server. This works fine on every machine I want to set this up
> on, except for a virtualized production server. Working platforms
> include windows server 2003 and a windows server 2008 server, the
> machine that isn't working is a virtualized windows server 2008
> machine.
> Here's the command I'm running, which works perfectly fine on every
> server I've tried this on, except the one we really need it to work
> on:
> `dg9_9_7.exe P110 SERVER=POP FSV=sslway'
> This will work perfectly on another server, allowing me to telnet into
> port 110 and access gmail's POP3 server with a username formatted
> like:  <account>%<domain>
> However, on the one server we need this set up for in production, when
> the above command is run, I get this response:
> ---- DONT TRY DGROOT for [?] DGROOT=
> ---- DONT TRY DGROOT for [?] DGROOT=
> I've also run the command with '-fv' and noticed that it says "-P0
> READY" on the non-working machine instead of "-P110 READY" when
> compared to a working machine. It's almost as if the port isn't being
> passed in somehow.. Is this a known problem, or have any of you
> encountered something like this before? This same machine is running a
> DeleGate SMTP proxy successfully, but this POP3 proxy is failing for
> some reason I can't tell.. I've tried specifying which interface to
> use with "-P<interface>:port" with no effect either.
> I appreciate any help or guidance you can give me.
> Thanks,
> Alex

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