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[DeleGate-En] Delegated udp over SSH?
15 Jun 2011 14:59:13 GMT Anders Larsson <>


Im trying to evaluate delegate for a customer that want's to use it for 
transporting SNMP UDP over SSH tunnels.
If that works, they want to use it for other protocols so there might be 
1 or several protocols that is transported over the same connection.
In short they want to send selected TCP/UDP ports or protocols within 
ssh "tunnels" port forwarding and receive reply.

The scenario is similar to the one described in this mail.

The only slight difference is that the customer prefer to run the 
delegate on the other side on the same machine that run's the delegated. 
In some of the scenarios there is a extra hostT between hostL and hostR 
but i dont think that would be a problem as long as the packets are 
going in the tunnel at hostL. Would just to be a extended tunnel.

               [hostD]    [hostL]                [hostR]
   clients --- DeleGate --- ssh =============    DeleGate --- servers

In a lab i have setup above scenario with FreeBSD 8.1 amd64 machines for 
the delegate, and i have a linux as client SNMP management server and on 
the servers side i have a switch reachable via snmp.
I have checked so the hostD is receiving the packets on port 161/udp and 
delegated is listening on that port.
However it does not react if i do a snmpget <parms> <remoteIP>, but if i 
give it same ip as hostD is listening on i get a reaction.
I tried first with src dist, then downloaded the binary since i found 
there was some limitations.

I have tried most of the scenarios (udprelay, sockmux, transport=tcp 
etc), but i do not see any reaction on screen (-v) unless i do a "nc -uz 
<ip hostD or servers>"
And tcpdump is extremely quiet.
I have tried it with the http example and that worked. I also see if i 
run sockmux that the 2 delegate daemons are communicating with each other.
I have tried with SRCIF but im abit unclear which host should have or 
need "..udp-tosv" or "..udp-tocl".

Im not sure im hitting into a limitation of delegated, or if i have some 
other problem?
Can you confirm if there is some limitations?
And if it is not, maybe show an "working" example of this kind of transport?

With Regards
/Anders Larsson

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