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NTLM proxy traversing
  05/21-18:52 . 4968 (Yutaka Sato) [35]
  Hi, Long ago, as long as remember know, I implemented NTLM and Negotiate auth. tentatively. -Enh ... DeleGate proxies NTHT between client and server AUTHORIZER=-ntht ... DeleGate does authentication
client script with delegate
  05/23-12:10 . 4969  =?big5?B?sWmw6qXN?= <> [58]
  Hi, We use delegate 7.3.1 as a telnet proxy server. Would you mind telling me any tool like plink.exe interacting with telnet server also works with delegate server for automating administration job
Stab server for "article not found"
  05/23-18:49 . 4970  Florent Bautista <> [14]
  Hi, I would like to know if Delegate is able to use a defined stab server (using MOUNT or other..) to use when there's an error (like "Article not Found" for NNTP) on the first one defined. The goal
Windows delegate with SSO
  05/26-05:42 . 4971  Aleksandar Lazic <> [267]
  Dear list member, I try to ssltunnel thru a ntlmproxy. As long as I was able to use username and password everything works, now the windows auth is over a smartcard. IE7 and Firefox3/4 are able to a
  05/26-06:12 . 4972 (Yutaka Sato) [312]
  Hi, Hmm... You are using so much options and I dont't understand whether or not all of them are effective... The log shows that the SSLtunnel server is asking a proxy authentication. You can send it
  05/26-06:21 . 4973  Aleksandar Lazic <> [49]
  thanks, what is the minium to see a debug output? The problem is that I don't know the password. The password comes from winsdows environment. The process look like this, I think. 1.) push smartcard
  05/26-06:42 . 4974 (Yutaka Sato) [31]
  Hi, Oh, I see. I understand what you need but, ... I'm sorry. Currently I don't have time and the environment to find and test the solution for the problem... Cheers, Yutaka 9 9 Yutaka Sato (CSDP,IT
  05/26-07:22 . 4975  Aleksandar Lazic <> [32]
  Hi, No probs, thanks for your time. I like delegate very much thank you for your good work ;-) BR Aleks
windows warnings
  05/26-19:09 . 4976  Aleksandar Lazic <> [104]
  Dear Yutaka, I get a lot of this messages in my console. BR Aleks ---_< >_ connected (0.921)((with SSL))(0.921) ::: HTTP port: 4711 => --Y3 12:06:26.10 PortMap 4712/
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