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[DeleGate-En] Delegate LDAP proxy to active directory
10 Feb 2011 15:48:56 GMT


is it possible to use Delegate as proxy to an Active Directory so that 
Delegate replaces anonymous binds to search the AD with some credentials?

My problem is that some servers need to verify passwords against an AD, 
but I don't want to trust them with a password, which is basically needed 
to find the DN of the user. You know, the LDAP auth uses these steps:

1) connect to LDAP (TLS/SSL or not)
2) anonymous bind <<-- fails with AD <<
3) search for user, e.g. 
4) bind(DN from step 3, pwd from user)

Is there a way to use Delegate in-the-middle of STARTTLS-connections? The 
AD does not offer a SSL port, but STARTTLS only.

Kind regards,

Steffen Kaiser

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