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[DeleGate-En] FTP/SFTP transfer timeouts - Delegate 9.9.7
10 Nov 2010 00:10:13 GMT "Trigge, Graham" <>

Good morning,

I have an issue at the moment where a client is using Delegate 9.9.7 as an FTP/SFTP gateway. They have been transferring data fine using this gateway on version 9.7.7 without any issues, but when I upgraded to 9.9.7 the transfer of large files is failing (I upgraded as there are other uses of this gateway having timeout issues which were fixed on this version). The file in question is 7Mb in size and I can see that 7Mb of data is being transferred from the client server to the Delegate server, but only around 700-800Kb is being transferred to the SFTP target. The client has sent me the output from their transfer and it seems that when Delegate (during the transfer) responds to the client with " Response code: 226 Ok (upload in progress...)" it is stopping the session.

Is there anyway to disable this message for particular clients? I could remove it from the source and recompile, but I think this is the feature that fixed my problem with other clients.


Graham Trigge
Midrange Specialist - Enterprise Managed Networks | Enterprise Managed Services | Network Application & Services | Telstra Corporation Limited
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