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[DeleGate-En] Making site fully available under alternative domain
25 Oct 2010 13:41:52 GMT Tom Smets <>

I would like to offer a proxy service for a dedicated site, to make this site fully accessible via different domains without the need of modifying the core application, nor changing the browser configuration on client side in any way.

Rough requirements:
1. User friendliness
    -> no manual configuration in browser necessary
    -> no additional application on client side necessary
2. No modification on application side necessary, while keeping full functionality
    ->  Transparent for application regarding, user IP, Browser agent
    ->  Rewrite/ mapping of  "source domain" and "alternate domain" on  proxy side necessary for HTML, Cookies, Redirects, JS, CSS, ... (application at least partly uses absolute paths for resources and links, post/get actions/ forms )
3. Easy to configure and maximal flexible for IP or domain changes
4. Logging of traffic and requests in an computable log format
5. Proxy must only allow access to dedicated domains / services
6. Scalability (tbd)
6. Caching of static content (nice to have)

See below some further illustration, of what I am thinking about:

User -> alternate domain -> reverse proxy -> source domain (vice versa)

The site has a subdomain for each language, as well as several subdomains for dedicated functionality. ( The main domain would have to be replaced/mapped on any request. )

[lang].alternate-domain.tld -> reverse proxy -> [lang].source-domain.tld (vice versa)
[resources].alternate-domain.tld -> reverse proxy -> [resources].source-domain.tld (vice versa)
[login].alternate-domain.tld -> reverse proxy -> [login].source-domain.tld (vice versa)

1. Is Delegate the right tool for this?
2. If yes, is there someone who could support me in setting it up that way?

Thanks in advance,


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