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[DeleGate-En] yysh issues.
12 May 2010 09:06:39 GMT Corley Kinnane <>

   I have been using Delegate on and off for years, mainly as an HTTP
proxy and tcprelay tool.

Recently I discovered the new yysh feature. It looks very promising.

I tried using OpenVPN to a server I use in the USA, but my access on
the remote host is limited to userspace applications and I cannot
create the necessary pseudo-devices for a a full VPN.

On my Nokia N900, I am currently using delegate for an HTTP proxy over
SSL tunnel via USA. Where I am, the DNS also needs to be tunnelled as
well, so I am using another delegate daemon with -Fyysh to provide a
localhost native DNS proxy on the phone.

I thought maybe I could consolidate these services into just the yysh
with both dns proxy and http proxy enabled, but the http proxy seems to
be very poor at the moment, only passing text, no images.

Is this something I am missing in the configuration ? or does the yysh
still need more work ?

server side:

delegated SERVER=yysh -P7001 -ys -yz -yy

client side:

-Fyysh server:7001 -yfh:8088/
-yfd:53/ -yy



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