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[DeleGate-En] About CACHE-problem fix....
26 Aug 1998 09:18:20 GMT Erik Wang <>

	I find the problem which delegated can't cache data.
I know the reason now.
1. delegated can't cache non-anonymous ftp data.
2. if delegated received "Authorization" from "REQ_FIELDS",
	it store data into cache again,and don't get data from cache.
	even though my files is the same one. it may relate with rfc822.

so I fix the source as following.
I can't find the setup method in Manual.txt. if anyone know it,
please tell me. thanx.

To Author:
	sometime we want to cache ftp data when we ftp to general user.
	please support the function. thanx!
Name: Erik Wang ({#CCX:UTF-8:NOMAP:LocalToUTF8:247d#} ミイ 音, Jyh4-Shyang2 Wang)		E-Mail:
Desktop/Mobile Focus Group, Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.	ext:4367

ps: ftp-gateway: delegated SERVER=ftp

    http/ftp-gateway: delegated SERVER=http, connect by
2. fix source: (delegated-5.6.5)
    1) fix "general use" can't use cache:
        ftp.c,line 2014: (mark or kill)  for ftp-gateway
                if( !FS->fs_anonymous )
                        return 0;

        ftpgw.c,line 312: (mark or kill) for ftp-gateway
                if( is_anonymous(user) )

        ftpgw.c, line 554: (mark or kill) for http/ftp-gateway
                if( !is_anonymous(user) )
                        return 0;
                IsAnonymous = 1;

    2) become pseudo anonymous.
        ftpgw.c, line 753: (substitue content of ruser & rpass)
                svdata =

3. After finishing (1) or (2), FTP-Gateway can cache & get from cache,
        and HTTP/FTP-gateway can cache, but can't get from cache.
    1) fix the problem which can't get from cache:
        http.c, line 3285: (fix: DontReadCache = 0;)
        if( findFieldValue(REQ_FIELDS,"Authorization") ){
                sv1log("Authorization: Dont-Read/Write-Cache ON\n");
                DontReadCache = 1;
                DontWriteCache = 1;

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