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[DeleGate-En] Handle the body mail in SMTP
29 Apr 2010 09:40:59 GMT Garbage Mail <>

Hi guys,
I use delegate since a long time for different personals projets and I have
the opportunitie to use it for some big project.
My aim is to avoid completely MTAs and to use only delegate as a proxy with
the adequat layer of security.

One of my choice is to clean out the body of the content (or rewrite it).
I've planned to use the SMTPGATE directive but I realise that I cant find
something to do it in the manual.

So I will be glad if someone have an anwser to these questions :

   - Is it possible to manipulate the body with delegate ?
   - Emptying or rewriting the body will remove the attached docs ?

Thanks for this great product, it amaze me each time I use it.


Simon Guilhot

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