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[DeleGate-En] Auto insert the Destination Host
07 Apr 2010 04:12:32 GMT "Patrick \(GMAIL\)" <>

Dear Sir,


I had this problem. I had about 6 imap mail servers. Currently my mail
account is inside Nos. 5 server. Each time I login to my mail server using
the delegate imap proxy,

I need to specify the server name. patpng7@mail05



1.	Can we don't put the server name when login? Use only patpng7
instead of patpng7@mail05..
2.	I notice when I created MOUNT of the cfg file, the log able to tell
me which server I am in.

LOG FILE : 04/07 11:52:08.27 [4969] 2+0: S: iedj NO [ALERT] LOGIN failed:
You connected to a wrong mail server, use MAIL05^M


            This the IMAP.cfg





MOUNT="* imap://mail01/*"

MOUNT="* imap://mail02/*"

MOUNT="* imap://mail03/*"

MOUNT="* imap://mail04/*"

MOUNT="* imap://mail05/*"

MOUNT="* imap://mail06/*"




            How can auto pass the server name during the login? I had a lot
of user and I do not wish to tell one by one which server they are in.




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