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[DeleGate-En] DeleGate/9.9.7 (STABLE) -- remote shell (yysh)
31 Mar 2010 20:52:26 GMT (Yutaka Sato)
The DeleGate Project

Dear DeleGate users,

I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows:
DeleGate/9.9.7 (STABLE) -- remote shell

This release includes an extension to make DeleGate work as a remote shell
client/server (yysh) and fixes for portability.

Yet another Remote shell: yysh/yymux <URL:>
 - remote login (substitutes ssh, rsh, telnet)
 - logging output to terminal (substitutes script)
  - compression (with Zlib) and encryption (with SSL or Credhy)
  - Japanese character code conversion
  - automatic connection resuming (on the top of yymux)
 - multiplexing (by yymux, substitutes SockMux, HtMux)
  - routing and port forwarding for TCP and UDP (substitutes SOCKS,SSLtunnel)
  - proxying over a remote login connection (VNC,X,DNS,FTP,HTTP,SMTP,POP,SOCKS)

Easy proxy for Win32: <URL:>
  - simple proxy ready to use without configuration
  - just click win32-dg.exe with the Icon of DeleGate frog

Platform Specific Fixes and Extensions
  - Porting: fixed portability to CYGWIN, HP-UX, AIX, NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD8
  - 64bits-CPU: fixed SEGV on ptr. printing by format spec. as "%X" (Ubuntu_64)
  - FreeBSD8: fixed infinite loop in SSLtunnel
  - Win32: added simple remote desktop viewer (https://delegateHost/-/screen/)
  - Win32: added embedded Icon of the DeleGate frog
  - Win32: fixed searching/opening non-ASCII file-name on Win32
  - Win32: fixed broken environment var. including non-ASCII char. (dir. name)
  - Win32: fixed leak of threads (for SSL or gzip) after wait timeout
  - WinCE: longer timeout for SOCKS (with -d1+N option)
  - WinCE: fixed SEGV in FTP/HTTP gateway on WinCE
  - WinCE: fixed SEGV on accept() error in SERVER="http-sp"
  - WinCE: fixed relaying binary HTTP POST over SERVER="http-sp"
  - WinCE: added port -Q6060/yymux for YYMUX proxy

Protocol Specific Fixes and Extensions
  - HTTPS/SSL: fixed SNI (TLS extension) for MOUNTed HTTP server
  - FTP/SSL: fixed MOUNTing files of FTP/SSL servers
  - FTP/SSL: don't apply SSL to ftp-data with STLS=fsv:ftp (without ftp-data)
  - FTP/SOCKS/SSL: fixed ftp-data connection via SOCKS over SSL
  - FTP/HTTP: fixed empty cache created on "302 moved" over FTP/HTTP gateway
  - SMTP-AUTH/SSL: refreshing EHLO cache after STARTLS with the server
  - SMTP-AUTH: enabled "AUTH LOGIN" to server generated by MYAUTH=user:pass:smtp
  - HTTP: added HTTPCONF=thru-type:+,"application/microsoftpatch"
  - startup: fixed SEGV at session start in memory outage
  - startup: fixed infinite loop on init. when exec. name == dir. name
  - startup: fixed getting the full-path of the exec. (when exec. name == dir.)
  - SSL: enabled -Pxxx/ssl or -Pxxx/proto/ssl for -Pxxx + SLTS=fcl + SERER=proto
  - SSL: enabled SERVER=proto://host:port.ssl for STSL=fsv:proto
  - SSL: enabled FORWARD=proto://host:port.ssl or ROUTE=proto://host:port.ssl
  - STLS: fixed protocol matching with STLS=xxx:"proto1,proto2,..."
  - SOCKS: connecting to SOCKS via another proxy by FORWARD=xxxxx://h:p-_-socks


  SITE: <URL:>
  FILE: delegate9.9.7.tar.{gz,bz2}
  DATE: Mar 31 19:25 JST 2010
  TAR-SIZE: 8017920 bytes
  TAR-MD5:  9b40348ccc38ca50253f789559034a98

  9 9   Yutaka Sato <>
 ( ~ )  National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
_<   >_ 1-1-4 Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8568 Japan
Do the more with the less -- B. Fuller

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