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Delegate problem on SIGTERM to child
  02/03-00:02 . 4735  carine castillon <> [20]
  Hi, I'm using delegate 9.9.6 for telnet connection. I'm connecting (with telnet) to a remote host, and after few minues without using the session, I receive a Timeout from the remote host. The conne
errors when URL is very long
  02/03-23:53 . 4736  chris <> [28]
  Hi all, I am using DeleGate as MITM proxy in order to inspect HTTPS connections, using the following command: delegated -r -P8042 ADMIN=root SERVER= STLS=mitm This works fine in most
Http -> Ftp server return 450 Non-existing
  02/05-00:25 . 4737  "Mathieu Pasture" <> [232]
  Hello I am trying to to provide a http front-end to a ftp(s) server. I have done quite a lot of trial but basically here is the command line I use: delegated -fv -P2229 SERVER=http OWNER="nobody/nog
  02/05-06:20 . 4738  "Mathieu Pasture" <> [124]
  Hello, Sometimes things are frustrating . guess what, the file did not exist in the underlying ftp server. So forget about my question. Thanks again for delegate Mathieu
working static analysis tools for delagate
  02/18-06:39 . 4739  "asr321" <> [24]
  Hello, I am new to usage of this delegate proxy server.I have to do a small project on delagate to find bugs by using static analysis tools.May i know the working static analysis tools(freeware)for
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