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Mput fail on Delegate<-> Delegate passive mode?
  01/07-04:46 . 4722 (Yutaka Sato) [30]
  Hi, Maybe this will be solved by the "-Efp" or "-Dfb" opiotn introduced in DeleGate/9.9.5. <URL:> [CHANGES] 9.9.5 090820 mod ftp.c: "-Efp" reusing
SSL Proxy cuts the SSL requests because of big latency.
  01/07-16:39 . 4723  Eli Morat <> [1026]
  To whom it may concern, hello, this is my 4th mail. We are experiencing a problem that SSL Proxy cuts the SSL requests and it causes for *.js files to be cut off in the middle, in areas with big lat
changing name of stdout.log
  01/12-19:47 . 4724  Stefan Demmig <> [26]
  Dear Sirs, first of all, thank you very much for your great program delegated. It's a real help. I installed delegate 9.9.6 under Windows 2003 32 bit. While trying to introduce aging into my logfile
  01/13-23:48 . 4725 (Yutaka Sato) [52]
  Hi Stefan, I thought my answer should be "Yes, we can" but I found that the file name is fixed to "stdout.log" or implicitly "${LOGDIR}/stdout.log" in the function setSTDLOG() in "src/delegated.c".
  01/14-19:25 . 4726  Stefan Demmig <> [102]
  Hi Yutaka, thank's for your fast response. I see your point concerning the aging of stdout.log. As far as I can see in my production system with over 150 users, in fact stdout.log doesn't grow so mu
  01/14-21:59 . 4727 (Yutaka Sato) [43]
  Hi Stefan, Sorry but I've not tested "CRON ... -expire" enough especially on Windows. The EXPIRE=xxx parameter makes DeleGate reuse cached data anyway while the age of a cahced data is newer than xx
Ignoring MOUNT DNS lookup errors
  01/19-09:55 . 4728  "Trigge, Graham" <> [175]
  Hi, I am running Delegate 9.7.7 and am using the software to bridge FTP to SFTP connections. The problem I currently have is a few of the MOUNT commands I have configured are using FQDN names - if a
  01/20-08:51 . 4729 (Yutaka Sato) [23]
  Hi, Maybe it depends on what your OS is, and how you do the restarting, but it is highly possible that recent versions of DeleGate does not the problem. Cheers, Yutaka 9 9 Yutaka Sato <y.sato@delega
  01/20-09:53 . 4730  "Trigge, Graham" <> [59]
  Yutaka, Thanks for the feedback. We are running Solaris 9, Delegate 9.7.7. Even when just starting and stopping the process we have the same problem if the fully qualified domain names are not resol
changing name of stdout.log
  01/20-17:48 . 4731  Stefan Demmig <> [126]
  Dear Yutaka, since you are not sure, that the CRON mechanism works with Windows, I wrote a litte VB script, which should do the job. I let it run every night. It deletes old files and empty folders:
Questions/Problems with Clustering
  01/28-10:47 . 4732  David Lightman <> [217]
  Hello! First let me say "Thank you!" for an excellent piece of software! I have used it personally to tunnel and proxy my personal webtraffic for almost two years now. I am trying to use it for some
Log file
  01/30-04:42 . 4733 [8]
  Does Delegate have a log? I'm using it as a cache proxy, and I'd like to have a file contaning every http's request made to my proxy. Thank you. Luiz Silva
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