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[DeleGate-En] How to enable the cache of (FTP/HTTP) gateway?
25 Aug 1998 12:51:16 GMT Erik Wang <>

	I had setenv:
setenv SERVER http
#setenv PROXY sisfw1:8080
setenv PERMIT "*:*:192.9.205.*"
setenv VARDIR /user/sis1033/.delegate
setenv ACTDIR /user/sis1033/.delegate
setenv CACHEDIR /user/sis1033/.delegate/cache
setenv EXPIRE "3m:http:*:*"

and run: delegated -P1234

but when I type:

to retrieve files back. but I can't find any cache file in my CACHEDIR!
could anyone tell me why. and how should I do?

I want "delegate" can retrived file back, then wait for me to get it
back. as:

	(ME) ---> firewall  ---slow lan--> Delegate ---fast lan---> ftp
	     http             http                     ftp

Thank you very much....
Name: Erik Wang ({#CCX:UTF-8:NOMAP:LocalToUTF8:247d#} ミイ 音, Jyh4-Shyang2 Wang)		E-Mail:
Desktop/Mobile Focus Group, Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.	ext:4367

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